Egypt Day Tours to St. Simeon Monastery

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Day Tour to St. Simeon Aswan Monastery

St. Simeon Monastery is a historical landmark in Aswan.
You can visit St. Simeon Monastery to explore its religious and cultural heritage. Egypt day tours to St. Simeon Monastery offer a unique spiritual experience that blends the beauty of nature with the rich religious history in a peaceful and tranquil setting. Visiting St. Simeon Monastery gives you thallows youe opportunity to explore this enchanting historical landmark and learn about its significant religious heritage.
We will guide you on an unbelievable day tour to St. Simeon Monastery in Aswan to enjoy our Egypt Day Tours to the monastery that date back to the early Christian era in Egypt, St Simeon Monastery by the Camels. 

Aswan Day Tours

The Monastery is located near Elephantine Island and is known by the locals as the Monastery of Anba Hydra, it dates back to the 6th century. experience a range of Aswan day tours including this tour to one of the oldest monasteries in Christianity.

This tour is a great opportunity for travelers who want to explore religious and historical sites and enjoy the tranquility and spirituality of this special religious place.


Transports service from your hotel in Aswan and return.

English-speaking tour guide arranged by Cairo Top Tours.

Entrance fees and tickets to the mentioned historical places.

All transportation is by a modern A/C vehicle.

Bottled water during your Egypt day tours.

All service charges and taxes are included in the day tour to St. Simeon Aswan Monastery.

Camel ride during the tour.


Anything we did not mention in our Egypt tours' itinerary.

Personal Spending during the Day Tour to St. Simeon Monastery in Aswan.

Tipping is not included in Egypt trips.


Get the adventure and enjoy your Day Tour to St. Simeon Aswan Monastery, Cairo Top Tours accredited tour guide will meet you at your hotel in Aswan to experience your Egypt Day Tours to St Simeon Monastery located very close to Elephantine Island and known as Anba Hatre Monastery dating back to the 6th Century. Explore one of the greatest monasteries in the history of Christianity.

It is accessible either by crossing the desert from Qubbet el-Hawa or by sailing across the River Nile from Aswan and then walking up the Wadi al-Qurqur. One of the churches in the monastery had numerous Coptic inscriptions inside and there were slabs of stones giving the history of many of the monks that had lived there. It was established in a desert area that is higher than the water level of the river, some archaeologists said that perhaps this monastery was built on the ruins of a Roman castle and inferred by the abundance of the towers in the wall surrounding the monastery. After you finish your Aswan Day Tours, you will transfer back to any chosen drop-off location.



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$55 Per Person

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Becaeuse it is located near Elephantine Island and is known by the locals as the Monastery of Anba Hydra, it dates back to the 6th century. Experience a range of Aswan day tours including this tour to one of the oldest monasteries in Christianity.

St. Simeon Monastery, also known as Deir Anba Samaan, was built in the 7th century in the desert near Aswan, Egypt. It was constructed using traditional stone masonry techniques of the time. The monks quarried local sandstone and used it to create the walls, columns, and other architectural elements. The monastery's design includes a church, living quarters, and a defensive wall. It is renowned for its unique architectural style and its historical significance in early Christian Egypt.

A visit to the Monastery of Saint Simeon, an ancient Coptic monastery located on the west bank of the Nile near Aswan, can be included in day tours from Aswan. However, it is important to note that the inclusion of St. Simeon's Monastery in day tours may vary between different tour packages or tours. The Monastery of Saint Simeon is a historic site dating back to the 7th century and offers insights into Egypt's Coptic Christian history. It's remote location and historical importance make it an interesting stop for tourists interested in religious history and ancient architecture.

naturally! Here are some tips and suggested day trips for tourists to enjoy visiting Aswan:

    A peasant trip on the Nile River.

    Visit the Temple of Philae and the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir Britannia.

    A tour of the Nubian market.

    Visit the Philae Temple and Botanical Garden.

    Enjoy local cuisine.

    Early morning balloon ride.

    Relaxing on the Corniche.

Local culture plays a vital role in the tourism experience in Aswan, as it contributes to enriching and deepening the visitors’ experience and adding a unique and distinctive element to their trip. Here are some of the ways the local cultural element impacts tourists' experience in Aswan:

    Cultural communication:
        Tourists can interact with local people and understand their customs and traditions, whether by visiting popular markets or talking with people in Nubian villages. This helps enhance the cultural communication experience.

    Local events and festivals:
        Attending local festivals and events gives tourists the opportunity to explore local cultural heritage and arts, and this may include traditional dancing, Nubian music, and handicrafts.

    Crafts and shopping:
        Tourists can buy local handmade products that reflect the artistic and craft traditions of local people, supporting the local community and providing visitors with unique memories.

    Visit Nubian villages:
        Visiting Nubian villages provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about Nubian life and explore their environment and traditions.

The best time to visit Aswan is between October and April, when the weather is more moderate compared to the hot summer months.


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