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Aswan, a town on the Nile River, has been southern Egypt’s strategic and business entry since antiquity. It contains important anthropology sites just like the Philae temple advanced, on Agilkia Island close to the landmark dike. Philae’s ruins embrace the colonnaded Temple of Isis, geological dating to the fourth century B.C. Downriver, a large Island holds the Temple of Khnum, from the Third kinsfolk.

Nile islands around the town extended from the levee to the north of Edfu, some individuals of the ethnic group villages and islands counts on farming and oversewn things as a supply of living, and some already befell in governmental jobs, not solely the most town of Aswan that has full services however conjointly, the encircling islands provided by hospitals, schools, and transportations, a number of the islands square measure unsettled as a result of it's thought-about to be associate anthropology areas just like the crocodilian island and jumbo island that was a neighborhood linking the South and also the North within the trade between  Egypt and also the remainder of Africa. Aswan is conjointly thought-about because the main gate of southern Egypt beside metropolis town and a large economical supply for the country.

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Aswan was referred to as "Sonu" in ancient Egyptian times and that means the market wherever it absolutely was an ad center for convoys returning from and to geographic area, pharaohs wont to ship the pink and black granite stones and limestones all from Aswan to engineered their pyramids as \ did to make her temple and obelisks. The importance of this town began to show up since the traditional kingdom once pharaohs needed to assure the protection of the southern borders of the dominion, it absolutely was conjointly a middle for the military army and contend a special rule throughout the war against heksus. throughout the Roman era, recent fashion Egyptian style temples were created whereas the roman was terribly loved by the Egyptian mythologies and gods, emperor Roman Emperor engineered a little temple so as to induce nearer to the Egyptian individuals at Philae island wherever The Temple of Isis is that the main temple within the assortment of Philae Temples in Aswan, Philae derived its name from the Greek word Philo, that means fond or love, in regard to the temple dedicated to the ceremony the love of the sincere married woman of her husband United Nations agency was betrayed him by his brother Set, the god of evil.

Then, the first Christian amount, Christianity unfold everywhere in the country within the fifth century, and also the temples changed into churches .after that came to the Muslim innovation and Aswan became a really necessary learning center and 3 colleges were established within the sixth and seventh centuries.

Aswan attractions
In addition to the richness of nature within the Egyptian town, Aswan is choked with the traditional swayer civilization and lots of touristic destinations as well as swayer, Islamic, and Nubian.

The higher Dam
The Aswan reservoir
The Tabiya musjid
The Nile River repository
The patrician weekday Park
The West Suhail space
The Nile River Islands
Kom Ombo temple  
The twin temple of Abu Simbel


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