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  • Ait Ben Haddou

    Ait Ben Haddou

    Ait Ben Haddou: The Red Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a stunning fortified village in Morocco. With its distinctive red mud-brick buildings and intricate architecture, it offers a captivating glimpse into the region's history and culture. Explore the narrow alleys, marvel at the ancient structures, and soak in the majestic views of the surrounding desert landscape.

  • Chefchaouen


    Chefchaouen, known as the blue city, is a stunning destination nestled in the Rif Mountains. Explore its picturesque streets, visit the Kasbah Museum, and marvel at the breathtaking mountain views, making it a photographer's dream.

  • Tangier


    Experience the beauty of Tangier, one of Morocco's finest coastal cities. Immerse yourself in its rich history shaped by Spanish and Moroccan influences. Explore the historic Kasbah for breathtaking views, and wander through the bustling medina.

  • Atlas Mountains

    Atlas Mountains

    The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are a breathtaking range of peaks that offer stunning natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Explore picturesque valleys, hike scenic trails, and discover the rich culture in the villages nestled among these majestic mountains.

  • The White City Casablanca

    The White City Casablanca

    Casablanca is a lively city in Morocco that combines modern and traditional elements. You can visit the impressive Hassan II Mosque. Explore its lively markets, stroll along the picturesque Corniche, and savor the diverse culinary delights.

  • Marrakech's Medina.

    Marrakech's Medina.

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant and historic Marrakech Medina, a maze of narrow streets, bustling markets, and architectural gems. Explore centuries-old landmarks, including the iconic Koutoubia Mosque and lively Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

  • 05 16, 2023

Nile islands around the town extended from the levee to the north of Edfu, some individuals of the ethnic group villages and islands counts on farming and oversewn things as a supply of living, and some already befell in governmental jobs, not solely the most town of Aswan that has full services however conjointly, the encircling islands provided by hospitals, schools, and transportations, a number of the islands square measure unsettled as a result of it's thought-about to be associate anthropology areas just like the crocodilian island and jumbo island that was a neighborhood linking the South and also the North within the trade between  Egypt and also the remainder of Africa. Aswan is conjointly thought-about because the main gate of southern Egypt beside metropolis town and a large economical supply for the country.

visit Egypt to explore and discover more about its attractions that can be done during one of Egypt's Luxury tours that allows you to stay at the most outstanding hotels and Nile cruises or if you are traveling with a small amount of money and would like to save your time and expenses you can check our wide variety of Egypt cheap budget tours packages, if you have been on an accident and suffer from a physical injury don't ever worry because our professional operators customized a collection of Egypt wheelchair accessible tours packages that use all the accessible vehicles and different facilities for disabled people which is one of the main categories of our Egypt classic tours.

Aswan was referred to as "Sonu" in ancient Egyptian times and that means the market wherever it absolutely was an ad center for convoys returning from and to geographic area, pharaohs wont to ship the pink and black granite stones and limestones all from Aswan to engineered their pyramids as \ did to make her temple and obelisks. The importance of this town began to show up since the traditional kingdom once pharaohs needed to assure the protection of the southern borders of the dominion, it absolutely was conjointly a middle for the military army and contend a special rule throughout the war against heksus. throughout the Roman era, recent fashion Egyptian style temples were created whereas the roman was terribly loved by the Egyptian mythologies and gods, emperor Roman Emperor engineered a little temple so as to induce nearer to the Egyptian individuals at Philae island wherever The Temple of Isis is that the main temple within the assortment of Philae Temples in Aswan, Philae derived its name from the Greek word Philo, that means fond or love, in regard to the temple dedicated to the ceremony the love of the sincere married woman of her husband United Nations agency was betrayed him by his brother Set, the god of evil.

Then, the first Christian amount, Christianity unfold everywhere in the country within the fifth century, and also the temples changed into churches .after that came to the Muslim innovation and Aswan became a really necessary learning center and 3 colleges were established within the sixth and seventh centuries.

Aswan attractions
In addition to the richness of nature within the Egyptian town, Aswan is choked with the traditional swayer civilization and lots of touristic destinations as well as swayer, Islamic, and Nubian.

The higher Dam
The Aswan reservoir
The Tabiya musjid
The Nile River repository
The patrician weekday Park
The West Suhail space
The Nile River Islands
Kom Ombo temple  
The twin temple of Abu Simbel


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Aswan, located in southern Egypt along the Nile River, is known for its stunning natural landscapes and scenic beauty. Here are some of the most beautiful natural places that can be visited in Aswan:

   Philae Island and Temple: Philae Island is home to the beautiful Philae Temple complex, dedicated to the goddess Isis. The temple is surrounded by lush gardens and palm trees, and its location on an island in the Nile River makes it a picturesque site.

   Nubian Villages: The Nubian villages near Aswan offer a unique and colorful cultural experience. The villages are known for their vibrant, painted houses, and the surrounding desert landscape contrasts beautifully with the bright colors of the buildings.

   Nile River: The Nile River itself is a natural wonder, and taking a boat trip on the Nile in Aswan allows you to appreciate the serene beauty of the riverbanks and the ever-changing colors of the water at different times of the day.

   Elephantine Island: This island in the Nile River is known for its archaeological sites, including the Temple of Khnum. The island's rocky terrain and views of the river make it a peaceful and scenic place to explore.

   Kitchener's Island (Aswan Botanical Garden): This island in the Nile is home to the Aswan Botanical Garden, a lush and green paradise with a wide variety of plant species from around the world. It's a tranquil place to take a stroll and enjoy the natural beauty.

   Nubian Desert: The desert landscapes around Aswan offer a unique opportunity for desert adventures. Guided camel or jeep safaris into the Nubian Desert allow you to witness the vast dunes, rocky formations, and stark beauty of the desert.

   Agilkia Island: Agilkia Island is home to the relocated Philae Temple complex, which was moved here to save it from flooding when the High Dam was built. The island's setting amidst the calm waters of Lake Nasser creates a serene and picturesque environment.

   Granite Quarries: Aswan is famous for its granite quarries, and visiting the Unfinished Obelisk site is a chance to see a massive, unfinished obelisk carved from the bedrock. The quarries themselves are impressive, and the surrounding landscape is striking.

   Desert Oases: Beyond Aswan's city limits, you can explore desert oases like the Kharga and Dakhla Oases, where palm trees and freshwater springs create a lush contrast to the surrounding desert.

   Sunsets and sunrises: Aswan is known for its stunning sunsets and sunrises, particularly along the Nile River. Watching the changing colors of the sky over the river is a memorable experience.


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