Elephantine Island in Aswan

The island of Elephantine is considered one of the unique islands along the Nile River, due to the archaeological treasures it contains from ancient times to the Islamic era. It is located opposite the city of Aswan from the western side, and some call it the "archaeological ship" and the "jewel of the south".

As caravans from the south of Egypt unloaded their goods to be transported north on the river. From this Pharaonic-era settlement, the late Khnum Temple and other partially excavated monuments spread over the rest of the island remained.

Some people think of the island's name as having any large wild mammals anywhere on it. But the reason for calling it this name is that it comes from the large gray granite rocks at its southern end, which some belief said to be like a group of elephants standing in the water. The island offers a variety of Aswan attractions that make it difficult to miss on any Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

The island has the fabulous Aswan Museum as well, the palm forests cover 2 villages from Nubia that usually receive tourists and stunning landscapes on the river. There is also a luxury hotel, Movenpick Aswan, located at its northern end. Elephantine Island can be approached by means of a small boat or a felucca ride on the Nile in Aswan which could be hired along the shore.

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