Flight to Memphis and Dahshor from Aswan

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Flight to Memphis and Dahshor from Aswan

Get ready for an exciting flight from Aswan to Memphis and Dahshor to explore some of the most significant historical sites in ancient Egypt. Flying to Memphis and Dahshor from Aswan opens the door to delving into Egypt's rich history through visits to these remarkable locations. Day trip by plane to Dahshur, Memphis, and Felucca Ride you can discover a different part of Cairo in this program by plane from Aswan to continue discovering ancient Egyptian history after you visit Aswan. Dahshur is an important archaeological area in Egypt. You can visit Dahshur to explore its pyramids and historical landmarks.

This flight gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy visiting major archaeological sites in Egypt, learn about the ancient history of these areas and enjoy the wonderful landscapes surrounded by these ancient monuments.

Transports services during the tour in Cairo are arranged by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.

Tickets and entry fees to all mentioned historical sites in Cairo are included.

Tour guide during all the tours by plane.

Domestic flight tickets from Aswan to Cairo and back to Aswan.

Meet and assist services at Airports upon arrival and departure.

Shopping tours in Cairo (Upon request).

A free bottle of water and soft drinks during the trips.

All service charges and taxes are included.

1-Hour Felucca Ride.


Any extras not mentioned.

Tipping or gratitudes are not included in the prices during Egypt Christmas Tours or Egypt Easter Tours.

Beverage during meals.

Personal spending.

Your guide can meet you at the exit of the arrivals terminal. then you'll begin your tour by visiting 

Memphis was the 1st capital of Ancient Egypt. Most of the pyramids found close to Cairo, listing spill a hundred in total were engineered throughout this era once Memphis was the foremost vital town in Egypt and most likely the planet.

You will additionally visit the questionable bent pyramid of Snefru, which is taken into account a turning purpose within the pyramid construction and a guide for the good Pyramid of the city.

then can have a sailing ship ride within the Nile to find the longest stream on the continent.

then you'll be taken back to Cairo International airport.

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Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt and a significant cultural and political center. It served as the seat of the pharaohs for much of Egypt's history and was a hub for art, trade, and religious activities.

Yes, it's possible to travel from Aswan to Cairo by plane and then visit the Giza Pyramids, which are located on the outskirts of Cairo.

Flights between Aswan and Cairo are available, and once you arrive in Cairo, you can arrange ground transportation—such as taxis, private cars, or guided tours—to reach the Giza Plateau where the famous Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx are located.

The distance between Aswan and Cairo by air is relatively short, and flights typically take around 1-1.5 hours. However, it's important to consider the additional travel time and arrangements required to reach Giza from Cairo once you land.

You can get to Cairo from Aswan in several ways:

Flying: The quickest way to get to Cairo is by flying. There are flights from Aswan Airport to Cairo International Airport daily, and the flight takes approximately one and a half hours.

Train: There are railway lines linking Aswan and Cairo. You can book on air-conditioned trains, such as "Sleeper Trains", which provide greater comfort during the trip. The train journey takes approximately 9 to 12 hours.

Bus or Car: You can also travel by bus or private car from Aswan to Cairo, and this journey takes approximately 10 to 12 hours depending on traffic and road conditions.

Cairo offers many places where you can shop for local and international products. Here are some of the best places for shopping in Cairo:

Khan Al-Khalily.
New Khalili Khan.
City Stars Mall.
Arab mall.
Old Market (Bab El Louk).
Tahrir Square.
City Light Mall.

Dahshur, Memphis, and Saqqara are old and well-kept places in Egypt. People can visit them in one day from Cairo and Giza. We had a great time visiting these places, and exploring the pyramids in Dahshur felt like going on a fun adventure.


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