The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most important destinations for history and culture lovers around the world to visit, as it is the largest archaeological museum in the world and a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Egypt and a wonderful presentation of the country's ancient history.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian museum is considered the oldest archeological Museum in the Middle East, which includes the world's greatest antiquities from the Predynastic to the Greco-Roman era.

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, located in Tahrir square in downtown Cairo. The museum displayed about 120.000 artifacts from mummies, sarcophagi, ceramics, jewelry, and the most famous collection of King Tutankhamun's treasures like his golden mask which is the most glorious piece ever made by mankind. Enjoy one of our Egypt day tours which includes a tour to the Egyptian Museum to see the famous masterpieces of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian Museum Tour takes about 2 hours with our guide who will give you a great introduction to the history of Egypt and help you to know more about Egypt during the different historical eras. 

the Egyptian museum in Egypt

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo contains several pieces like the incredible palette of king Narmer, who ruled Egypt in the zero dynasties, this Palette represents the unification between upper and lower Egypt which was done by the king, so king Narmer or Menes unified Egypt after that, he built the first capital in the history of Egypt, MemphisAlso, we have the statue of Montuhotep the Second, which is among the most impressive Middle Kingdom displays. The room of Tutankhamun is one of the Egyptian treasures from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo completely will be transferred from the Egyptian Museum to The Grand Egyptian Museum which will be the most important sight on Egypt tours.

tour into the Egyptian museum

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