The best day to Saqqara

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The best day to Saqqara

You have the chance to visit the most popular ancient Egyptian sites with Cairo budget day tours. We will also go to the open-air museum in Memphis, which has been the capital of Egypt since King Menes' the unification of Egypt in the first dynasty, where we can see the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, the first-ever stone pyramid, built in the necropolis of Saqqara, and more Egypt day tours.

  • All transports from/ to your Cairo or Giza hotel by Cairo Top Tours.
  • Transports by an exclusive nonsmoking air-conditioned car.
  • Private tour guide (or other languages upon request).
  • Bottle of mineral water on board the car during Egypt day tours.
  • Soft drink in a local Cafe during the tour if there is time available.
  • Stops for snacks upon request.
  • Shopping tours in Cairo if requested during Cairo day tours.
  • All taxes and service charges in the Budget Tour.
  • Any extras which are not included in Cairo budget day tours programs.
  • Entry fees to all mentioned sites are not included.
  • Beverage during meals.
  • Entrance to the Step Pyramid from inside during your Saqqara tours.

In the morning the tour leader will meet you in your hotel to take you on the best Day tour to Saqqara.

First, you will visit The Step Pyramid in Saqqara It was the biggest structure around at the time. Here, limestone was first extensively used in building and the concept of a grand royal tomb in the shape of a pyramid was first fully realized.

The sound stop on your trip is the Pyramid of Unas. is the smallest Old Kingdom pyramid, but it is significant because it has spells for the king's afterlife incised into the walls of its underground chambers, known as Pyramid Texts. The tradition of funerary texts was first inscribed in the pyramid of Unas, and it continued through the end of the Old Kingdom and into the Middle Kingdom through the Coffin Texts, which served as the foundation for the Book of the Dead.

After that, you will visit the tomb of Idut, It is among the most significant tombs in the place. Its owner was a princess from the Royal Family who lived from the end of the Fifth Dynasty to the beginning of the Sixth. The tomb is renowned for its charming scenes that are distinguished by their beautiful various colors and vividly depict the making of offerings and other daily activities.

the Tite Pyramid in Saqqara will be your next stop. The second known pyramid with writings from other pyramids is this one. During excavations, a satellite pyramid, two queen pyramids with related cult structures, and a funerary temple have all been found.

You will also go to the Mereruka tomb. The Mereruka mastaba is the largest and most elaborate of all the Saqqara non-royal tombs, with a total of 33 rooms or chambers.

In addition, you will visit the Serapeum at Saqqara to see the revered Apis bulls that were buried there and were associated with the god Ptah, whose cult center was in Memphis. The Serapeum, which is accessible through a sphinx-lined avenue and has two long corridors where the bulls' mummified remains once stood, is located. The tomb was utilized throughout Amenhotep III's New Kingdom reign and into the Ptolemaic Period.

Finally, you will visit Imhotep Museum to know more about the history of ancient Egyptian people.

In the end, the tour leader will back you to the hotel in Cairo.

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