Luxor and Aswan Overnight Trip from Cairo

Price Starting From : $580

Luxor and Aswan overnight trip from Cairo

Enjoy visiting the enchanting temples in Luxor and witness the grandeur of the archaeological sites during Aswan trips through this unique night trip between Luxor and Aswan from Cairo. You now can visit the historic Karnak Temple complex, Karnak Temple, located in Luxor, Egypt, is one of the largest and most impressive temple complexes in the world. It was built over 2,000 years ago and is dedicated to the worship of the ancient Egyptian gods, particularly Amun-Ra. the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the Greco-Roman Temple of Philae, The unfinished obelisk in Aswan, and more with Cairo Top Tours. Luxor and Aswan have their customs, traditions, and culture that you can learn about during your visit.

the best temple  Karnak Temple | The Largest Egyptian Temple is a big building in Egypt where people used to go a long time ago to worship their gods. It is really old and has lots of cool statues and carvings.

Two days Luxor and Aswan from Cairo

Enjoy visiting the alluring temples of Luxor and discover the grandeur of archaeological sites on excursions to Aswan on this overnight cruise to Luxor and Aswan that departs from Cairo. You now have the chance to visit the historic Karnak temple complex, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the Greco-Roman temple of Philae, the unfinished obelisk in Aswan, and many more with Cairo Top Tours.




Your Transportation services from/ to airports and the hotel in Luxor.

All our transports are organized by a private nonsmoking vehicle under the supervision of Cairo Top Tours.

Domestic flights Cairo/ Luxor and Aswan/ Cairo.

Accommodation for 1 night in Luxor hotel including bed breakfast.

Admission fees and tickets to the sites as mentioned in the itinerary.

Lunch in good quality restaurants in Luxor and Aswan is included during your Egypt Day Tours.

A highly qualified Egyptologist tour guide will accompany you during Luxor and Aswan Overnight Trip from Cairo.

Bottle of water during Egypt tours.

All taxes and service charges are covered during the 2 Days Luxor and Aswan from Cairo.

Prices are valid during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.



Entrances to King Tutankhamun's tomb and king Siti I tombs are not included.

Beverage during meals.

Tipping or gratitudes are not included in the price of the Luxor and Aswan overnight trip from Cairo.

Camera ticket during Luxor tours to the Valley of the kings.

During your Luxor and Aswan overnight trip from Cairo, our Cairo Top Tours representative will meet you at your Cairo hotel and move you to Cairo International Airport for your flight to Luxor, where you will visit the great ancient sites and begin one of our best Egypt day tours and excursions from Cairo. Your personal tour guide will meet you at Luxor airport to begin Luxor west bank tours as follows:

Colossi of Memnon:

The colossal standing statues of King Amenhotep III look very similar to the statues of King Ramses II at the Temple of Abu Simbel which was cut into the mountain.

The temple of El Deir El Bahri was built during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut:

One of the most beautiful temples in Luxor which is built by the strong woman Pharaoh Hatshepsut during the 18th dynasty, and dedicated to worshiping the god Amun Ra.who was the most important among all the gods of ancient Egypt.

The Valley of the Kings:

You will admire the west bank tours in Luxor thanks to the site of the Valley of the Kings, it was considered the funerary necropolis for the new kingdom kings instead of building huge pyramids like it used to be during the old kingdom period, contains more than 60 tombs cut by the pharaohs during the new kingdom from the reign of King Thutmosis of the eighteenth, and during the nineteenth & twentieth dynasties. The Valley of the Kings got its fame from the discovery of the tomb of the golden king Tutankhamun in 1922 by Howard Carter, who found the tomb totally intact which was one of the greatest finds in the 20th century. 

Continue your tours to the East bank of Luxor to view the Complex of Karnak Temple:

Karnak temple is considered the most prominent man-made religious center in the world, it is the largest temple in Egypt and even today remains are still found. The enclosure in which it is located is 2,400 meters boundary and is surrounded by an enormous wall of 8 meters in thickness.

After finishing your Luxor excursions, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Luxor and overnight

Meals: Lunch

First, our English speaking tour guide will meet you at the hotel lobby in Luxor to be transferred to start your amazing excursions in Aswan as follows:

The Unfinished Obelisk:

He was cut during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut, to be the largest obelisk in Egypt, where the obelisk reaches a height of about 41 meters but was never used or finished due to the death of the powerful queen who ruled Egypt for 20 prosperous years full of victories and military expeditions, in addition to the economic and political reforms she made.

The High Dam:

It was built in 1960 by former President Nasser to be one of the biggest engineering projects in the history of modern Egypt and provide the country with sufficient electric power in addition to saving Egypt's lands from being drowned every year as a result of the rising Nile.

The majestic Temple of Philae:

The Temple of Philae was located on the island of Philae, in the middle of the Nile River, but the temple was moved from its original site to the island of Agilika, after the construction of the High Dam, for fear of the flooding of the Nile waters and was built especially for the worship of the goddess Isis in 3 BC.

After enjoying your sightseeing in Aswan, you will be transferred to Aswan airport for departure to Cairo.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch



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Egypt Tours FAQ

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In Luxor:

Karnak Temple Complex: One of the largest temple complexes in the world, dedicated to the worship of various gods, with impressive columns, pylons, and obelisks.

Luxor Temple: A magnificent temple situated in the heart of Luxor, known for its avenue of sphinxes and grand entrance.

Valley of the Kings: A burial site of numerous pharaohs, including King Tutankhamun, with elaborately decorated tombs carved into the rock.

Hatshepsut's Temple: The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, an impressive structure built into the cliffs of Deir el-Bahari.

Colossi of Memnon: Enormous statues guarding the entrance to the funerary temple of Amenhotep III.

In Aswan:

Philae Temple: A stunning temple complex dedicated to the goddess Isis, relocated to Agilkia Island due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

Aswan High Dam: An engineering marvel that controls the Nile's flooding, creating Lake Nasser and providing electricity for the region.

Unfinished Obelisk: A massive, abandoned obelisk in a granite quarry, revealing insights into ancient stone-cutting techniques.

Nubian Village: A visit to a traditional Nubian village, allowing you to experience Nubian culture, architecture, and hospitality.

Abu Simbel Temples: A short distance from Aswan, these temples were relocated to higher ground to avoid flooding and are famous for their colossal statues.

Yes, accommodation is included in the tour package. You will stay at a well-appointed hotel in either Luxor or Aswan, offering comfortable rooms and essential amenities to ensure a pleasant overnight experience. The hotel selection is typically based on its proximity to the main attractions.

Yes, a knowledgeable guide will be with the group throughout the tour. The guide will provide historical and cultural information, answer your questions, and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the sites visited.

The Philae Temple was made by the last ruler of ancient Egypt, the Ptolemaic dynasty. It is a special place for worshipping Isis, Osiris, and Horus. Even after Christianity became popular, this temple kept the old Egyptian religion alive.


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