Colossi of Memnon

The Colossi of Memnon belongs to King Amenhotep III, who supervised its construction by the famous architect Amenhotep bin Hapu, and in the past, there was an ancient funerary temple for King Amenhotep III, of it nothing remains except the two statues, which are about 21.90 meters high, and are considered part of an agenda. Tourist attractions for foreigners who enjoy Luxor and its monuments.

Two incredible massive statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III are now known as the Colossi of Memnon. This Pharaoh who ruled Egypt during the 18th Dynasty and known as Amenhotep the Magnificent, gave his Kingdom an epoch of prosperity and wealth in many fields, economically and artistic grandeur that Egypt had never seen before.

The two gigantic statues in Luxor portray King Amenhotep III seated and having his hands resting on his knees facing East towards the Nile River, Another two figures but shorter in size for his wife Queen Tiye and his mother Mutemwiya are sculptured at the front throne near his legs, and a scene for Hapi, the Nile god is carved at the side panels.

Those statues are built out of blocks of quartzite sandstone that were quarried from the Red Mountain near Cairo and had been transported 675 km overland to Thebes (Luxor nowadays). The stones are believed to be very heavy to be transported on the Nile and the blocks used by later engineers to rebuild the northern statue may have been quarried from Edfu at the North of Aswan.

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Both of the two statues look a lot identical, though, they differ in small details and inscriptions from each other. They stood at this specific place to function as guardians to the entrance of Amenhotep’s mortuary temple which the Pharaoh himself constructed the temple to be worshipped on Earth before and after his departure from this world.
The mortuary temple of Amenhotep III used to be the biggest and widest at its time that even Karnak Temple itself did not get to compete with Amenhotep’s mortuary Temple which was covering a total of 35 hectares (86 acres). 

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