Albatros Aquapark Trip from Sharm El Sheikh

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Albatros Aquapark Trip from Sharm El Sheikh

The well-known water park Albatros Aqua Park is located in the Nabq Bay district of Sharm El Sheikh. It offers a wide range of water slides, pools, and other activities for visitors of all ages.

The Albatros Aquapark offers an aquatic paradise for families and friends, offering exciting games, and captivating activities. With options for all ages, this oasis of fun ensures smiles, laughter, and lasting memories, leaving behind everyday pressures and allowing for the pure joy of splashing through heart-pounding slides.

Right now reserve our Sharm El Sheik Albatros trip! Located on the cliff of Ras Om El Seid (next to the Alf Laila Wa Laila Entertainment Center in Sharm El Sheikh), the Aqua Park City water park stretches over 133,905 m² and includes a water park, two hotels with 260 and 450 rooms, a promenade cafe, restaurants, bazaars. The complex has a supermarket and a bakery. one of the biggest water parks in the Middle East. There are 60 attractions available for both children and adults, including slides, playgrounds, games, and shopping options. 

With Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours you can enjoy a day full of fun and excitement, the Albatros Aquapark trip from Sharm El Sheikh will refresh your mind and soul while enjoying the best water adventure for your family and kids. 


Pick up services and return back to your hotel.

8 Hours at the Albatros Water Park in Sharm El Sheikh.

All-inclusive buffet lunch during your Albatros Aquapark trip from Sharm El Sheikh.

All service charges and taxes of your Sharm El Sheikh day tours.



Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.


You will be met at the hotel in Sharm El Sheikh by our representative and be transferred to the beautiful water park to enjoy the best trips from Sharm El Sheikh, the Albatros Aquapark Trip from Sharm El Sheikh.

A huge paradise of water attractions. The park offers 20 water slides, games, and lots of fun for you and your family.

  1. Twister I
    High-speed slide with tight turns and bends (length: 51.05 meters, height: 5.75 meters).
  2. Twister II
    Exciting, full of adrenaline (length: 51.11 meters, height: 8.75 meters)
  3. Freefall (Tube Freefall)
    Hold your breath and race at full speed down this high-speed tunnel 50.95 meters long and 11.55 meters high.
  4. Multi-Slide
    You need a lot of courage here! Length: 41.24 meters / Height: 8.75 meters.
  5. Freefall
    Challenge a 42.22-meter high-speed slide at a breathtaking 11.53 meter as you free fall into the clear, cool water.
  6. Kamikaze
    This ride makes your hair stand on end. Do you have the courage to ride this 42.15 meters long and 11.55-meter high slide? This gigantic and thrilling slide will surely make your heart beat faster: an incredibly steep slide will surely increase your adrenaline level!
  7. Body Slide A
    fun slide is 98.44 meters long and 11.55 meters high.
  8. Flying Boat
    Try to imagine yourself as a sailor. The length of the “Flying Ship” slide is 14.69 meters and the height is 10.00 meters.
  9. Space Boat Tube
    The mysterious world of outer space: a slide 47, 74 meters long, and 13.00 meters high.
  10. Black Hole
    As the name suggests, the slide consists of two closed slides that catapult you into a pitch-black spiral. You don’t know where you’ll get on the next turn, and you don’t see anything until you land with a splash in the water. An exciting slide is 106.16 m long and 11.55 m high. For adults only!
  11. Rafting Slide
    Are you ready to go rafting with a length of 112.74 meters from a height of 11.55 meters? For adults only!
  12. Family Slide
    Ride the whole family down a slide 115.55 meters long and 11.55 meters high.
  13. Tsunami Slide
    A very fun slide 9.9 meters long.
  14. Space Hole
    A slide is 23.74 meters long and 9.92 meters high.
  15. Up Hill Flying Boat
    A slide is 53.63 meters long and 8.5 meters high.
  16. Kids' Freefall A slide
    Offering exciting first impressions for the little ones. Slide length: 10.63 m / height: 3.05 m. For children from 6 to 12 years old.
  17. Elephant Slide
    Admire the smiles of your children as they have fun on the slide.
  18. Mushroom
    Shallow mushroom pool with refreshing splashes (for children from 4 to 6 years old).
  19. Water Tower (Aqua Tower)
    For children from 4 to 6 years old
  20. Dolphin
    For babies who cannot walk on their own.

You will have a scrumptious buffet lunch with unlimited soft drinks during your aquapark trip to Sharm El Sheikh.

Transfer back to your hotel at the end of this enjoyable activity by a private air-conditioned vehicle. explore more things to do in Sharm El Sheikh at the most affordable prices with Cairo Top Tours!


1 Person

$99.00 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$85.00 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$75.00 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$70.00 Per Person

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The largest water park in Sharm El Sheikh, Aqua Park Adventure, is a great place to spend a fun-filled family day.

The town has a warm, dry climate throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) in the winter months to 35°C (95°F) in the summer

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the safest cities in the world that you can visit at any time of the year because the Egyptian government is interested in securing this magical city.

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