Festivals Tourism In Egypt

Egypt is exceptional in that it puts on well-attended, stylish events. The following events rank in importance: the Third International Song Festival, the International Port Said Fishing Race, the First International Equestrian Festival, the International Luxor Marathon III, the International Rally of the Pharaohs Cycling Race, and the Al-Ahram International Championship Squash.

One of the most significant ways to attract tourists is through festivals. Egypt's revenue will rise as a result. Egypt has had a number of well-attended exhibits and festivals. The following are the most crucial:

Opera Aida, the Cairo International Festival of Popular Song, the Cairo International Film Festival, the Tourism and Shopping Festival, the International Festival of Documentary Film, the Ismailia Festival of Folk Art, the International Festival of Theater, the Alexandria International Film Festival, the Festival in Fulfillment of the Nile, the Sun Falls Perpendicular to the Temple of Abu Simbel Festival, the Annual Celestial Star Festival, and the Tourism International Day Festival

Should I be worried about traveling to Egypt during November?

 the cultural and artistic events were presented at archaeological sites to "encourage Egyptians and tourists to discover the outstanding ancient Egyptian culture."Egyptian officials claim that in order to promote its historic legacy and draw tourists, Egypt is conducting more cultural festivals and artistic events at its many archaeological sites.

At least five cultural and artistic events took place in Upper Egyptian provinces in February and March, which are home to most of the nation's historic sites and temples.

 the last event was completed at the Abydos Temple in the province of Sohag. A music and singing event was also introduced in March at the Dendera Temple in Qena, and the 35-nation African Film Festival was held in Luxor. The Aswan International Women's Film Festival and the Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts, which organized a mesmerizing ceremony in the Abu Simbel temple, were also among the events. Both events occurred in February.

"celebrating cultural events is part of a promising strategy by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for 2022 to host a range of events around Egypt to promote cultural tourism." and, the purpose of the cultural and artistic events held at the archaeological sites was to "encourage Egyptians and visitors to witness the rich ancient Egyptian culture."Several basements and side chambers of Dendera Temple were accessible to guests for the first time during the music event,

One of the most well-preserved ancient temples in the nation of North Africa was constructed for Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, music, dance, fertility, and pleasure.

Some of the events have been actively organized by the Egyptian Opera House, "The Opera House and the Ministry of Culture are passionate about transmitting the many kinds of art offered in Cairo to the audience of southern Upper Egypt.", there are around 15,000 people attended the singing events in the temples of Dendera and Abydos.

"The unusually big turnout of spectators indicates that carnivals are in high demand in Upper Egypt, You will undoubtedly run upon a celebration, holiday, or festival if you spend more than a few days in Egypt. Here are just a few of the important religious occasions, modern celebrations, and folklore holidays to bear in mind as you prepare for your Egypt trips.

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