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Gara Cave

  • 05 16, 2023

Gara Cave 

The Gara Cave is located near the Caravan Trail connecting Farafra Oasis and Assiut. known as (Djara Cave), a captivating cave that originated from rain corrosion into the limestone about 55 million years ago. It has glittering rocks. Water melted the limestone to develop the stunning stalactites and stalagmites, artifacts, and rock art also have been found here obviously proving human existence inside the cave throughout prehistoric epochs, probably during the late Neolithic period.

Gara Cave attracts many tourists as it is one of the most important stops on any program for discoverers and adventure seekers. Visited by Egyptians daily because they appreciate such natural preserved sites.

Djara Cave Egypt 

It was discovered by an explorer from Germany and rediscovered again at the end of the 20th Century by another German explorer. Gara Cave is one of the superbly captivating caves in Egypt. Nearly 30 meters in width and 8 meters high, it comprises various for­mations of animals that were carved on its rocks. Excavators suggest that the area which is now a desert used to be inhabited before.
The engravings date to the Neolithic Age, beginning about 10,200BC in parts of the Middle East.
The icicle-shaped rock forma­tions of the cave, produced by the precipitation of minerals from wa­ter dripping through it, and its sta­lagmites offer visitors a rich treat of nature’s work to contemplate and researchers wonderful material to study, archaeologists said.

Gara Cave Safari Egypt
“The stalactites hanging down from the ceiling of the cave-like tree leaves are engineered by na­ture’s perfect hand,” said Egyptian archaeologist Hussein Abdel Rah­man. “My career has taken me eve­rywhere in the Middle East region but I assure you that Gara Cave is unequaled by regional archaeolog­ical standards.”
Most visits to the cave start in Cairo and include the White Desert in the nearby Farafra Depression. The White Desert has massive chalk rock formations that were created by the occasional sandstorms in the area.
Other must-see landmarks in the area include the Golden Mummies Museum, the Tombs of Nobles, and the Alexander The Great Temple in the nearby Bahariya Oasis.
Some visitors camp inside the cave, lie on their backs, and contem­plate its rock formations. Others enjoy lunch in the open at the foot of the area’s dunes.


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The Gara Cave attracts many tourists, as it is one of the most important stages in any program of discovery and adventure. It is visited daily by Egyptians who appreciate these unspoilt natural sites. Excavations suggest that the area, now desert, was once inhabited. The engravings date back to the Neolithic era, which began around 10,200 BC in parts of the Middle East. The cave's icicle-shaped rock formations, produced by the precipitation of minerals from the water flowing through it, and its stalagmites offer visitors a rich work of nature to contemplate and researchers wonderful material to study, the archaeologists said.


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