Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh began as a Bedouin fishing village in the Sinai Peninsula, but it only began to develop at the end of the 17th century, becoming a highly prestigious tourist destination in a short period of time. It offers a wide range of activities that appeal to visitors, including snorkelling and diving, camel trekking in the desert, and excursions to the interior to visit historically significant sites.

Sharm El-Sheikh, a beautiful Egyptian city which is located on the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. The city and holiday resort is an important centre for the tourism industry in Egypt, drawing many global conferences and diplomatic agreements.

Sharm El-Sheikh is the administrative centre of the South Sinai Governorate and it is considered one of the most important cities to be visited for relaxing after the regular Egypt tours.

Extended for over 20 km on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El-Sheikh is famous among snorkelers and scuba divers. It rises on a bay that opens onto a rocky projection, on one side there is the sea, on the other the mountain. The beach is bordered by an avenue adjoined by palm trees, which opens onto bars, cafes, and restaurants. Despite the growing number of tourists, the widened reef still overflows with extraordinary marine creatures.

Sharm is divided into two parts: to the south is the city with the port, and about 7 km to the north is the famous Naama Bay, the luxury tourist complex. It offers the most varied water activities, from sailing lessons, windsurfing, parasailing pulled by motorboat to the charming transparent glass-bottom boat trips in Sharm El Sheikh.

About 10 km north of Naama Bay is the Sharks Bay, a smaller resort area, also quieter and less expensive. The construction of a five-star hotel has recently attracted more tourists and further development is expected. Corals and tropical fish are wonderful, and despite the name, Shark, there are no sharks, only the borders of the shore form a figure of a shark and that's how the area got its name.

North of Shark Bay, where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aqaba, is the Straits of Tiran. Diving trips to Tiran and Sanafìr Island depart from Naama, Sharm, and Shark Bay, the island is considered a natural protected area with numerous specious of fish and corals. Nabq National Park also boasts the most northern mangrove forests on earth, where many birds live, such as grey and white herons, cranes and hawks fishermen. The park is also home to an important ecological fish and shrimp farm and located few kilometres after the Sharm airport to the north.

Most hotels also offer a wide range of excursions in Sharm El Sheikh inland, to places such as the Monastery of Saint Catherine and Mount Sinai, or further inland, such as Wadi Feiran and Serabit el-Khadim.
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There are many activities and things to do in Sharm El Sheikh. The city is the home of the most magnificent landscape in the Sinai Peninsula that offers a variety of Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours to enjoy the Red Sea. You can spend the day enjoying the sunbathing in one of the best beaches in the world, exploring the local culture wandering in the old city, or hiking during Mount Sinai tours from Cairo or as part of Sharm El Sheikh excursions, or starting a deep-sea adventure and discovering underwater treasures in many diving and snorkelling sites where daily Snorkeling Trips from Sharm El Sheikh are organized, especially in Ras Muhammad. There are also many historical treasures in the area that can be explored through Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery tour from Sharm El Sheikh, the Monastery of Saint Catherine located at the foot of Mount Sinai.

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You can check all the options in Sharm El Sheikh and other cities on the Red Sea: