13 Days Cairo, Nile cruise, Fayoum, and oasis budget package.

Price Starting From : $0

13 Days Cairo, Nile cruise, Fayoum, and oasis budget package.

Enjoy an entertaining tour of the historical city of Cairo where you will get to know more about its history and how it was built, then, have an amazing Nile cruise and sail from Luxor to Aswan and get amazed by the temples and tombs of the pharaohs while enjoying the Nile view then get the chance to visit the white and black desert in Bahariya Oasis and enjoy after that the waterfalls of wadi EL-Rayan in Fayoum Oasis.

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- 6 nights in Cairo Pyramids Hotel ( or similar ). BB  

- 4 nights on the Blue shadow Nile cruise ( or similar ). all-inclusive  

- 1 night in Fayoum. ( lunch, dinner )  

- 1 night in Baharyia Oasis ( Breakfast, lunch )  

- all transports to/from hotels and sites by AC car  

- tickets to all the mentioned sites  

- taxes are included in the price   

- domestic flight tickets  


- international flight tickets  

- visa to Egypt  

- any extra sites   

- personal expenses  

Our expert Egypt tours tour leader will pick you up from Cairo international airport and then take you to your hotel in Cairo by private AC vehicle to arrange for the next day's journey.

Day meals: Welcome drink lunch.

on the second day in the early morning enjoy your breakfast and then transfer to.

Giza pyramids:

The pyramid entered the list of the seven wonders of the world, and this is because of its high rise and great construction; The height of each side of the pyramid is 231 meters, and the weight of each brick in the pyramid is 2.5 tons, while the weight of the entire pyramid is 6 million tons. The pyramids are located in the Egyptian area of ​​Giza, that is, in the western region of the Nile River.


This is the ancient city founded by King Mina _ in Memphis. It is worth mentioning that it was the capital of Egypt in the era of the Old Kingdom and the center of governance and culture for more than 3000 years. Accordingly, in Memphis, you can see the amazing statue of Ramses II and the alabaster Sphinx.


The step pyramid of King Djoser is considered one of the most famous and most famous monuments in Egypt, and it constitutes an important historical turning point in ancient Egyptian funerary monuments. It is also considered a revolution in stone architecture and royal burial. In addition to its huge size, it is the first pyramid built by the ancient Egyptians and the oldest known stone building. then you will be taken back again to your hotel for the overnight.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch.

on the third day of the 13 Days Cairo, Nile cruise, Fayoum, and Baharyia oasis package. take your breakfast and start the visits.

Egyptian museum:

Among the museum's unparalleled collections are the funerary collection of Yuya and Thuya, Psusennes I and the Treasures of Tanis, and the Narmer Stela which commemorates the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under one king, and is among the priceless artifacts in the Museum. The museum also houses impressive statues of the great kings, Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, the builders of the pyramids on the Giza plateau. In addition to a large collection of papyri, coffins, and ornaments that complete the distinctive collection of this museum.

Saladin Citadel:

The castle contains 3 museums, the Jewel Palace Museum, which has a chandelier weighing 1,000 kilograms, gifted by the King of France, "Louis Philip I" to Muhammad Ali Pasha, there is also the throne of Muhammad Ali, which was given to him by the King of Italy, and the Museum of Transport, which opened in 1983 It includes a group of unique royal cars, dating back to different historical periods, from the era of Khedive Ismail

Khan El Khalili Bazar:

The Khan al-Khalili neighborhood was named by this name in relation to one of the Mamluk princes coming from Hebron in Palestine, and he was called Jerkes al-Khalili. his grandparents.

transfer back again to have your overnight.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch.

wake up early in the morning have your tasty breakfast then transfer to the airport and fly to Luxor, do your check-in on the Nile cruise, and visit.

Karnak temple:

The second edifice of the temple was built by King Horemheb and King Ramses I and named after him, Ramses II. Additions were added to it from the reign of Euergetes II, Ptolemy VI, and its length was 97 m, its height was 29 m, and its thickness was 14 m.

Luxor temple:

The facade of the temple consists of four large statues representing the king, 20 meters high, and a door that leads to rooms 180 feet long. There are six statues at the entrance to the other temple, four of them of Ramses II and two of his wife Nefertari.

then transfer back again to your Nile cruise.

Day meals: all-inclusive

in the morning of the 5th day of the 13 Days Cairo, Nile cruise, Fayoum, and oasis budget package.

Valley of kings:

In the valley of a dry river on the west bank of the ancient city of Thebes (modern Luxor), hence its name Valley of the Kings, but this name is not entirely accurate since some members of the royal family other than the kings were buried there, as well as some non-royals, though they were High-ranking. The Valley of the Kings is divided into the eastern and western valleys.

Hatshepsut temple:

The monastery was built by Queen Hatshepsut to perform rituals that would benefit her in the other world. The name of Deir al-Bahari is a modern Arabic name given to this area in the seventh century AD after the Copts used this temple as their monastery. The temple consists of three ascending terraces, connected by ramps for ascent and descent.

Colossi of Memnon:

The Colossi of Memnon, known locally as (the Kolesat or Salamat), are two colossal statues, built around 1350 BC.

when your tour is done transfer back to your Nile cruise.

Day meals: all-inclusive

the day number six of your tour you will be sailing to Edfu, then after your breakfast visit.

Edfu temple:

The Temple of Edfu dedicated to the god Horus is one of the most complete ancient Egyptian temples, located on the west bank of the Nile. The construction of the temple took about 180 years since the reign of King Ptolemy III in 237 BC.

Kom Ombo temple:

The origin of the name Kom Ombo goes back to the legend of the king of “Emboa” who named the city after him today, and the name consists of two syllables, the first is (Kom), which means what is above the earth, and the second (Ombo), which is the name of the king or ruler of the valley.

then transfer to your Nile cruise back again

Day meals: all-inclusive.

on day 7 of your 13 Days Cairo, Nile cruise, Fayoum, and oasis budget package. you will have your breakfast then you will be taken to:

High Dam:

The idea of ​​building the High Dam in the upper areas of the Nile goes back to creating an artificial lake of fresh water, and a decision was taken to start its construction in 1953 and a committee was formed to develop a design for the project. One of the world's leading companies.

Unfinished Obelisk:

The obelisk lies on the ground with a length of 42 meters, in the northern corner of the obelisk quarry in Aswan, and it was discovered in 1921 in that quarry.

Philae temple:

Philae Temple This temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, which was flooded by the Nile, was divided and reassembled in a new location on the island of Agilika, about 500 m from its original place on the island of Philae.

then transfer back again to your Nile cruise

Day meals: all-inclusive


start the 8th day of your tour package with a delicious breakfast then transfer and start your journey by sailing to Abu Simbel:

Abu Simbel:

This temple was built by King Ramses II (about 1303 BC - 1213 BC), the most famous king of Egypt from the era of the modern state, and it is believed that he sat on the throne in his late teenage years and ruled Egypt from 1279 BC to 1213 BC for a period of 67 years.

when you back to your Nile cruise arrange your luggage and fly to Cairo. overnight in Cairo hotel. 

Day meals: breakfast.

free day tour in Cairo to have a walking trip with the locals in the city and some relaxing moments or we can give you optional tours that will be offered by your tour leader.

day meals: breakfast.

take your breakfast first, then travel to Fayoum.

Wadi El Hitan:

Wadi Al-Hitan is located within the Wadi El-Rayan Reserve in Fayoum, which is about 150 km from Cairo, and covers an area of ​​400 km2. In 1989, the Egyptian government declared Wadi El-Rayan a nature reserve to preserve the area and the important fossils that document that Wadi El-Hitan 40 million years ago was submerged in water and inhabited by marine creatures.

 and have your lunch in Tunis village.


Day meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

have your tasty breakfast then transfer to the first spot which is.

Lake Qaroun:

It was declared a nature reserve in 1989. It covers an area of ​​1,385 square kilometers. One of the oldest natural lakes in the world, it is the remnant of the ancient Morris Lake. It is globally famous for the availability of marine, river, and continental fossil deposits dating back about 40 million years, including the huge Fayoum animal that resembles rhinos.

Wadi El Rayan:

Wadi al-Rayyan is considered one of the most important nature reserves in Egypt after the reserves of Ras Muhammad, St. Catherine, and Mount Elba. Wadi al-Rayyan was named by this name in relation to a king called al-Rayyan ibn al-Walid who lived in the area with his army for a while irrigating water from the natural springs in the area. The Bedouins agreed on this The name was found to have ancient Egyptian origins, as found in an ancient papyrus

travel to Cairo and have your overnight.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch.

Have your breakfast in the early morning, and travel to Baharyia Oasis to visit.

the white desert.

The reserve is characterized by the beauty of the sand dunes, the geological formations of the white limestone rocks, and the distinct fossils they contain.
The White Desert is covered with a white chalk ground on which geological formations are spread in the form of snow-white chalk columns formed by the wind, and steep hills, which give the region a rare geological and natural situation.


the black desert:

The reason for its name is the Black Desert. Of course, the name of this dessert came from its mountains and plateaus covered with black powder, due to the remnants of volcanic eruptions that dried up over millions of years.

then you will be taken back to travel all the way to Cairo and have your overnight at Cairo hotel.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch.

Take your breakfast, then transfer to the Cairo international airport to catch your flight where our service will be ended.

day meals: breakfast.

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