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Enjoy the beauty of Fayoum

The ancient city of Fayoum in the Nile Delta has been a destination on many travelers' bucket lists. Located just 85 km southwest of Cairo, Fayoum is an ideal destination for Cairo overnight trips. This city is famous for its amazing oases, archaeological sites, and picturesque nature. If you're looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of daily tours in Cairo, a short overnight tour to Fayoum is the perfect way to do it. Fayoum, Egypt's sparkling hidden gem, combines history and nature in one embrace. From the enchanting Lake Qarun,Lake Qarun is a saltwater lake in the Faiyum Oasis, southwest of Cairo, Egypt. It was once part of a larger freshwater lake called Lake Moeris, which was artificially fed by the Nile River and served as a reservoir for ancient Egyptians and the forgotten expanses of pyramids in the areas nestled among the golden sands, and from the stunning archaeological sites to the fertile oases and tranquil lakes, Fayoum is a relic of the past and you must experience it. The best way to explore Fayoum is by taking a night tour with our Egypt tours. This tour is perfect for those who want to avoid long and tiring days of driving and exploring. The night tour will allow you to explore and experience the best of Fayoum without having to worry about finding accommodation or eating out.

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  • Pickup service to and from your Cairo hotel.
  • All transfers are made by 4x4.
  • The aforementioned historical site charges admission.
  • handbook for English-speaking Egyptologists.
  • bottled water is available inside the touring car.
  • EL Fayoum neighborhood restaurant for a late lunch.
  • all service fees and taxes.
  • 1 night on accommodation fayoum hotel with breakfast
  • Any extras not mentioned in the program.
  • Tipping.

In a contemporary, air-conditioned vehicle, our tour guide picks you up from your hotel in Cairo to begin our journey to Fayoum. When we arrive in Fayoum, our first stop is

A nice site to obtain guides for all of Fayoum is the Kom Aushim Museum. In 1974, the Museum was originally constructed. It features relics dating from the Prehistoric to Roman Epochs as well as a painting of Fayoum.

at the next halt, Karanis (The Lord's Town) is one of the greatest Greco-Roman towns in the Fayoum. Originally settled in the third century B.C. by the mercenaries of Ptolemy the Second's army. Two temples may be found in the city.

Then, we'll go on to Hawara (Arsinoiton polis), which was established during Amenemhet III's construction of the Pyramid Complex in the eleventh Dynasty.

Then, we'll go to Lake Qarun, which was named for the King who was buried there with all of his wealth and treasures. as well as lunch being provided on Qarun Lake.

We will see the Waterfall and the 673-kilometer-long, 42-meter-deep valley known as Wadi El Rayan at the end of the tour.
In 1966, this depression was converted into a water reservoir when it was connected to Qarun Lake via underground pipelines.

We enter the hamlet of Tunis at the end of our journey and tour the ceramic art school.

a night in a hotel in Fayoum

Using a 4x4 Jeep, start your desert adventure at Tunis Village, Qarun Lake, or anywhere your tour guide chooses after picking you up from your hotel after breakfast. Travel to the desert's Wadi El Hitan. "Wadi Al Hitan" is this. WADI EL-HITAN, discovered in 1936 and well-known to scientists in the Zeuglodon Valley, is a protected region and a natural heritage site that was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005. It is situated 35 kilometres west of Wadi El-Ryan and immediately into the western desert. It is a site that is abundant in fossils and is regarded as an outdoor museum.It dates back 45 million years and is the location of soft rock fossils such petrified mangrove roots, shark teeth, and prehistoric whale teeth.

Coral and seashell fossils may be found all throughout this area. Visit the Fossil & Climate Change Museum, which has several fossilised mangroves, whale bones, and other prehistoric marine life outside and numerous fossils, skeletons, and other prehistoric marine life within glass exhibits. Afterwards, visit Qusur El Arab, savour your supper, and then return to the Fayoum oasis to see the Madinet Madi shrine. Drive to Cairo on the way back. Visit the Fayoum Pyramids before travelling to your Cairo accommodation.

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Fayoum's tourist attractions are varied into various elements that offer many types of famous tourists, such as ecotourism, safari tourism, cultural tourism, and leisure tourism.
Fiom is full of monuments left by the ancients and pharaohs, and many civilizations that remain from ancient times include Islamic monuments such as the Qaitbay mosque as well as the suspended mosque, as well as the minaret of the Sheikh mosque on the Ruby and the Pharaonic monuments, including the known pyramid Sila is also the cemetery of Makat, which also includes the Temple of Qasr al-Saghah and the Pyramid of Ahun, a pyramid called Hwara, and the Roman monuments, which have a city called Umm al-Akm, and also the Temple of the City of the Past, as well as Philadelphia and a temple called the Palace of Qaron.

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The main attractions covered are Wadi El Rayan Lakes, which are natural depressions filled with fresh water; Qarun Lakes which are salt lakes and Wadi El Hitan (Valley of Whales), a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for fossil whale remains.

This tour package includes several fun and exciting activities, such as a visit to the Wadi El Rayyan Waterfalls, the Tunis Village, and the Mud Brick Museum. Guests will also get to enjoy a delicious campfire BBQ dinner and spend the night stargazing in the desert.


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