Lake Qarun in Egypt

"Lake Qarun" ... that enclosed sweet lake in the heart of the Western Desert, linked to the Nile River with the lifeline of the name "Bahr Youssef", which is one of the ancient water channels established by King Amenemhat II in the 19th century BC to supply Lake Qarun with flood water, comes from the city of Dairout in the governorate of Assiut to the lake. C. to supply Lake Qarun with flood water comes from the city of Dairout in the governorate of Assiut to reach the lake.

Lake Qarun in Egypt 

Lake Qarun is about twenty-seven kilometers that border the province of Fayoum to the north, and it is considered the deepest natural lake in the country, and it is inhabited by a type of fish capable of living with fresh and saltwater.

During the days of the Pharaohs, the lake derived its water source from the Nile River during its annual inundation, due to its 45 meters below sea level, and was exploited during the era of the Pharaohs of Egypt descended from the twelfth dynasty through the establishment of canals and dams to preserve and store water during the flood of the Nile River It covers an area of ​​330 square kilometers, with a length of 40 kilometers and a width of seven kilometers, and the area of ​​the lake has shrunk due to the drought that has befallen it through the ages.

Varied legends about this lake wonder some of them forget to Qarun is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and some of them confirm that they reach to work the oven me. Where the Director-General of Archeology of Fayoum notes, that there are different narrations that people circulated about the reason for calling the lake a Qarun, the most prominent of which is the story of Qarun, whose story was mentioned in the Qur’an with the Prophet Moses, and people believed that the lake had a relationship with Qarun, and another narration is that the name dates back to the era of the Pharaohs and was called "Baron" and distorted to Qarun

Lake Qarun is considered one of the popular beaches in Egypt, where this lake is called (Al-Ghilbah Resort); Boats and (cafeterias) on the shore of the lake, and families spend their time at the lake in pursuit of recreation, and to escape the high temperatures.

And you can see the most beautiful Egyptian villages that tour in Cairo, where Fayoum was the center of the royal pyramid and the construction of cemeteries in the twelfth dynasty of the Middle Kingdom, and again during the rule of the Ptolemaic family.


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