Prince Taz Palace

Prince Taz Palace in Egypt lies on Seyoufia Street off Saliba Street, was built on 8000 square meters, and was the seat of the pouches who were cut off from power.

The Prince Taz Palace, considered one of the most beautiful examples of the Mamluk era, was the seat of the pouches isolated from power, it had a role in Egypt's political life, described as a large stable. A number of Egyptian films were filmed in the palace. The palace has become the headquarters for concerts and musical and artistic events and a number of art workshops are held in fields related to art such as "singing, acting, playing, religious chanting" and this is a fusion of ancient history and contemporary art. Prince Taz Eldein is located on caliph street. The historical Palace was built by Prince Saif El-Dein in 1352. In the 19th century, it became a girls' school and had then been used as a storage depot by the Ministry of Education.

The contents of Taz palace.

Prince Taz Palace

At the beginning of your entrance to the palace, it begins with a rectangular passage, and you see the main building for reception, and finally a cellar, and on both sides are two entrances overlooking the courtyard of the palace, the palace dish, overlooks Seyoufia Street and the other entrance overlooks the Sheikh Hara, called the secret door of the palace, The ''harem'' overlooked the large garden with wooden Windows and three round Windows called the moon, and the parlor was a rectangular area that looked like a terrace and stood on three pillars, It consists of several halls with decorated walls and roofs, and the walls bear bars with the titles of Prince Taz, and the roof of one hall is decorated with a written white Persian script and consists of four-pointed nodes resting on three marble columns.


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