Bab AL-Nasr Cairo Gate

Bab al-Nasr is the second gate in the northern wall of Fatimid Cairo, located about 250 meters east of Bab al-Futuh. The street opposite the entrance overlooks many (agency) that exist so far, including (Qaytbay Agency). It was the headquarters of the Levant merchants who dropped their goods from oil, soap, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and carob, and there were rooms to stay there.

Bab al-Nasr is one of the three famous gates of Cairo and its story begins when the leader Jawhar al-Siqilli established the city of Cairo and wanted to make it, besides being the capital of the government, to be a residence for the Caliph, his family, and his soldiers. Many doors, including Bab Al-Nasr, which was later moved by Minister Badr Al-Jamali from its original place next to the judge’s corner to its current location. Minister Badr Al-Jamali called the “Gate of Victory” the name “Bab Al-Ezz.” Despite that, the residents of Cairo preferred the original name “Gate of Victory.” Which is still used today.

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The Victory Gate consists of a huge block of construction, the width of its facade is 24.22 meters, its depth is 20 meters, and its height is 25 meters. The caustic material is for those who try to break into the door and it is called (Ratchet). As for the door that connects to its interior, it is recent and may have been opened during the era of the French occupation of Egypt. As for the original door, it is located in the eastern tribal corner, and it is now blocked by construction between the two towers, there is a huge door above it that opened around it A frieze surrounds the two towers.

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Giza Pyramids | Necropolis of Giza

Giza Pyramids | Necropolis of Giza


Bab al-Nasr has two arched towers whose sides are decorated with two arches closed under their stones in the form of small, contiguous stone cushions. Its entrance is crowned by a group of arches decorated with various shapes of flowers, stars, and lobes similar to Moroccan architecture in Tunisia. The opening of the door is a flat arch topped with a text in Kufic script, in which it is written: (In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. There is no god but God, alone, without a partner, Muhammad is the Messenger of God, upon the Guardian of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and upon the imams of all their offspring), and also crowns the door of victory. A band with an inscription in Kufic script records the date of the establishment of this door and contains the names of Caliph Al-Mustansir and Commander of the Armies Abu Al-Najm Badr Al-Din.

The gate is characterized by the decoration on the two wings and the fronts of the towers, which symbolizes victory in protecting the city against invaders. The gate retains beautiful decorative elements in its outer arch that include various floral and geometric motifs and represents a sophisticated stage for stone decorations in Islamic architecture. What distinguishes the Victory and Al-Futuh gates is the presence of a stone staircase On both sides of the towers from within the wall that leads to the guard rooms, the towers, and the roof. It was built in a style that is considered the first of its kind in Islamic architecture in Egypt.

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