2 Days Wadi El Hitan Camping Tour from Cairo

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Wadi El Hitan tour from Cairo

Try overnight desert camping at Wadi al-Hitan, an open-air museum displaying a large number of fossils of extinct whales. You will have one of the best trips to the most mysterious place because you will have the opportunity to admire and visit the area that contains the largest number of whale fossils in the middle of the desert. “Valley of the Whales, a captivating natural marvel that transports us through time and accurately captures the Earth's history and the evolution of life. The Valley of the Whales in the Egyptian desert is a massive cemetery for ancient whales, with roots dating back millions of years

Trips in Wadi El Hitan

Wadi Hitan | Valley Of The Whales In Egypt is a place with lots of fossils of whales that used to live there a long time ago.

The trip will take you to a hotel and back, and you won't have to worry about how to get there. You will also get all your meals included, so you won't have to worry about being hungry. You will have a special night where you get to sleep in a tent in the desert, which will be really exciting. And you will also get to go on a fun drive in a special car with a guide who can speak English. This trip is a great way to learn about Egypt's nature and see how pretty the desert is.


All the transportation services starting from the pick-up day by AC vehicle from Cairo top tours

launch and dinner 

entrance and tickets fees 

free water bottles with each meal 

Road snacks 


Any extra not mentioned things

personal shopping

any personal purchases

from the beginning of the day, you will meet the professional tour guide from Cairo top tours who will pick you up from your hotel, to enjoy unlimited fun with the Egypt desert safari tour packages. in Cairo. start your journey to wadi el Hitan.

you will be transferred by AC vehicle to Fayoum. On arrival to Fayoum, you will begin your day in El Fayoum, by visiting the village of Tunis and exploring the pottery art school. 

then Have your lunch served during your Egypt tours in El Fayum in the village of Tunis.

Then you will be taken to Wadi El Hitan and first, visit the first spot:

 Magic lake:

and get the chance to see how it changes its colors several times in the day

then go to the mountain of el Mudwara:

and have the adventure to climb it and get a new kind of adventure.

then you will be taken to have your overnight in tents and have deep sleep in the camp.

including lunch

on the second day and the last day, you will be taken from the beginning to back to your hotel in Cairo by an AC vehicle where will be our end of service.

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The Wadi  El Hitan Reserve is one of the best places to assist in scientific research and studies that care about ancient life and natural history In addition to being one of the most important tourist and archaeological areas, the Whale Valley Reserve provides us with a wide range of information, It contains 400 fossils of whales, marine fish and other ancient creatures and has the greatest number of fossils compared to other reserves. The importance of the Valley Whale Reserve is not limited to the presence of fossils or is a tourist shrine, it is also a reserve for endangered animals and rare birds inhabiting them.
Book with us now to explore the nature reserves on a tour of the Wadi  El Hitan with us!

The tour typically includes activities such as exploring the fossil sites and geological formations of Wadi El Hitan, guided tours by knowledgeable experts, camping under the stars in the desert, stargazing, and experiencing the tranquility of the Western Desert.

The tour typically includes visits to the Wadi El Hitan protected area, where you can explore the fossil sites and learn about the ancient whales. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to enjoy desert activities such as sandboarding, camel rides, and stargazing in the open desert.

Wadi Al-Hitan is a special place because it shows us how whales used to look and live when they were first starting to live in the ocean instead of on land. It helps us understand how they changed over time.


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