Fayoum Magic Lake

It is located in the middle of the Fayoum desert, next to ''Lake Qarun'' which is famous among Fayoum's tourist and archaeological landmarks. Surrounded by high mountains and sand dunes, The lake's water is fresh and its main source is unknown, so it has been called the magic Lake, and it is a magical spot in the middle of the full desert between the mountains.

It is located in the north of Fayoum Governorate, 150 kilometers from Cairo, and the lake is surrounded by the "Al-Mushayqa" mountain, The enchanting region is a high mound of rock decorated with some brightly colored cracks, and this mountain has a panoramic view of the Rayan Valley. The enchanted lake is one of the most beautiful parts of Egypt for skiing, mountain climbing, camping, and Skydiving. 

The magic lake was called by this name because its waters change their colors, according to the sunlight, the color of the water changes when the sun shines blue or golden or the color of clouds in the sky. The residents of the area were the reason for the emergence of the name "MagicLake" because it is located between the high mountains and sand dunes that surround it from 4 sides.

 The water reaches the lake from under the grains of sand, where it has unique sand and soft sand dunes that are skied and are diverse in shapes and sizes, however, its water is fresh and not salty and attracts everyone to the beauty of the view.

There were some international festivals, including the Desert Sports Festival, and the International Sand Skating Championship, and witnessed wide international participation from Arab and foreign countries, and the last Desert Sports Festival witnessed the participation of 9 countries: "the United States of America, Chile, Peru, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, The United Arab Emirates, and Egypt."

As it is one of the most important areas in which migratory birds and fossils are found, and it has great geological characteristics, pointing out that the Wadi Al-Rayyan Reserve includes an important area, which is the Valley of Whales, and it is the only world natural heritage area in Egypt with fossils of ancient whales dating back about 45 million years. The area is rich in unique animals such as some species of deer and there are natural water springs, the lake contains minerals said to help treat patients with rheumatism.

When you visit this place, you feel as if you have traveled on a trip to heaven in an attractive scene of simple green edges punctuated by blue water surrounded by sculpted rocks, the enchanted lake in the Wadi Al-Rayyan Reserve in Fayoum Governorate. You can visit it through Cairo Top Tower.

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