Lahun Pyramid and Lisht Pyramid Tours from Cairo

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Cairo Day Tour to Lahun Pyramid and Lisht Pyramid 

The archaeological sites of El Lahun Pyramid at Hawara and El Lisht Pyramid near Meidum, where the two recognized kings of Egypt who ruled during the 12th dynasty, are not as widely known as the necropolis of Giza, Dahshur, or Saqqara, but they are well-known enough for travelers looking for unusual tours in Egypt.

Never miss the chance to discover the pyramids of Egypt, El Lahun Pyramid at Hawara, and El Lisht Pyramid near Meidum, where the two recognized kings of Egypt who ruled during the 12th dynasty (Senusret I) or Sesostris I, and Senusret II built their pyramids, the archaeological sites are not very famous as the necropolis of Giza, Dahshur, or Saqqara, but famous enough for those who look for unusual tours in Egypt to explore some Cairo day tours which are not soo often done by many travelers. Reserve now your Lahun Pyramid and Lisht Pyramid tours from Cairo!


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El Lahun is the name of a village located in the province of El Fayoum, where the complex of the pyramid of Senusret II (Sesostris II) and the workers' village who erected the buildings for the middle kingdom' king's funerary cult, about half a mile from the pyramid, on the edge of the cultivation area. The structure of the pyramid is now no more than ruins that are covered with sand at their base. Some buildings were demolished when a railroad was built in the region.

The area was excavated by Flinders Petrie in 1888-90 and later in 1914, many household objects and instruments were found, and this is considered a sign of a good standard of living at the time. The so-called Kahun papyri were also found in the village, with about a thousand fragments, dealing with legal, mathematical and medical matters.

Then we will be transferred to another site known as El Lisht to see the Pyramid of Amenemhat I, a 12th dynasty king, the first pyramid of the Middle Kingdom to be built, since the predecessors of Amenemhat I, of the First Intermediate Period and of the 11th dynasty, did not build pyramids.

We will also be visiting the Pyramid of Senusret I, around the pyramid stretched a broad walled perimeter complex, consisting of a funerary temple, a rectangular chapel with a central courtyard, and nine minor pyramids for Senusret's wives and daughters. From the temple, a limestone causeway with statues carved every ten cubits ran to a public temple, the Valley Temple, outside the inner perimeter. Little of all this is visible today, however, because later Roman buildings were built over the ancient complex.

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Anupy, a very talented architect, built a big and fancy place for King Senusert II a very long time ago.


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