Tour to the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

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Enjoy discovering the most ancient sites in Egypt, Our Egypt Tours packages are the perfect choice to help you plan an unforgettable tour. Egypt is known for its ancient culture and incredible sights, with the Great Pyramids of Giza being a must-visit attraction. We'll make sure your tour is one-of-a-kind, creating memories that will stay with you forever. and its famous attraction is the Great Pyramids of Giza. At the mention of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pyramids of Giza, which are the most famous in the world. 

If you join one of our tours to the Giza Pyramids, you will see many fascinating sights and natural landscapes with our Egypt Trips, as well as explore the majestic tombs of the ancient kingdom. You will also visit one of the most important museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum. Our Egypt day tours are ideal for travelers who want to visit the most important attractions of this city. We offer various options, including many sightseeing and shopping tours that cater to all visitors' needs. We also offer our famous day tour to Alexandria from Cairo to explore these beautiful cities during your stay in Egypt. If you have extra time, you can visit Old Cairo and learn more about Islamic Cairo and its many mosques, such as the Al-Azhar Mosque, The Al-Azhar Mosque is like a big and pretty building where people go to pray and learn about their religion.

 Coptic Cairo was a stronghold of Christianity in Egypt before and during the Islamic era. Most of its churches were built after the Islamic conquest of Egypt in the 7th century AD. Coptic Cairo is located in an important archaeological area, close to the Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque and the Ben Ezra Synagogue.

  • All transfers from/to your hotel in Cairo or Giza.
  • Private air-conditioned car at your service during day tours in Egypt.
  • Entrance fees and tickets to the pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum.
  • Delicious Egyptian barbecue at a good local restaurant.
  • A certified guide will accompany you during this wonderful day tour.
  • Complimentary bottle of water or soft drink during your tour.
  • A shopping tour in Egypt during all tours to Cairo. (upon request).
  • All services and taxes are included in the tour price.
  • Any extras we have not mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Tipping or thanking the staff.
  • Entrance to the pyramids from inside.

An Egyptologist guide from Cairo Top Tours will meet you early in the morning at a pre-arranged time to start your tour of the Great Pyramids. Here you will see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the giant pyramid of King Cheops, as well as the pyramids of King Khafra's King Chephren and Mycrinus.

The Giza Pyramids are renowned for their enormous size and astounding degree of preservation. Our day tours in Egypt explore the fourth dynasty of the ancient kingdom, which is when these antiquated buildings were constructed. You will be transported to Giza.

You will see the Great Sphinx, a rock sculpture with the head of a pharaoh and the body of a lion. You will have the chance to tour Khafraa's Valley of the Temples, which he built after Cheops to serve as his successor. King Chephren, the younger brother, and successor to King Djedefre during the Pyramid era, constructed this temple to aid Egyptian mummification.

We will take a break for a delicious Egyptian lunch and continue our tour to the Egyptian Museum, which is located in Tahrir Square in the center of Cairo. The museum includes a diverse collection of Egyptian monuments from around the world dating back 6,000 years. Visitors can see more than 160,000 masterpieces on the two floors, including the treasures of Tutankhamun and an extensive collection of gold and jewelry finds that were hidden under the sand for more than 350 centuries until the tomb of the New Kingdom was discovered in 1922 and displayed in the museum.

You can include a trip to Coptic Cairo in your itinerary if you have extra time. Visit the Hanging Church, the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus, one of the oldest Jewish sites in the nation, and the Roman fortress of Babylon there. Before going back to your hotel, you can also check out Ben Ezra Synagogue and Khan El Khalili Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East.

The tour to the pyramids of Giza lasts about 8 hours. This tour is suitable for families with small children or teenagers. We suggest you wear light-colored clothes, hats, and sunscreen.


1 Person

$150 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$90 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$70 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$60 Per Person

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Discover the significance of Egypt's city by visiting the Egyptian Museum and admiring its impressive exhibits. You can also visit the renowned landmarks and churches of Coptic Cairo that once housed the holy family and its unique icons. Furthermore, enjoy exploring the historic mosques of Islamic Cairo during your trip to old Cairo.

Start From $60 / 8 Hours

Embark on an extraordinary tour to witness the iconic pyramids of Giza and behold the magnificence of Egyptian pharaohs. Explore the ancient capital of Egypt, adorned with a plethora of pyramids and tombs, and unveil the concealed mysteries during your Cairo excursion.

Start From $65 / 8 Hours

What about new experiences traveling through the ages? We will start by exploring the great pyramids and watching the great art of architecture, you will also discover the exceptional collection of artifacts of the Egyptian Museum. Another atmosphere, that you will enjoy during your tour in Khan El Khalili.

Start From $70 / 8 Hours

Don't miss out on the chance to have a delightful break during your 2-day city tour of Cairo, where you can explore the historical areas of Coptic and Islamic Cairo. Witness the famous pyramids and explore the antique collections and museums in Islamic and Coptic Cairo. Enjoy this amazing opportunity.

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Through Egypt Tours, we had a lot of customer reviews, which you can see on our social media accounts, Trip Advisor, and YouTube videos about how they enjoy Egypt budget tours with our experts who join them in every inch of Egypt to illustrate to the travelers the history of each attraction visited on their Egypt and Holy Land Tours.

Egypt Tours FAQ

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Egypt is a significant nation with numerous must-see attractions. It is best to join a guided multi-day tour if you want to see all of the highlights, including the Egyptian museum and the Giza Pyramids. By doing this, you can be sure that you won't miss any of this fascinating nation's top attractions.

Cairo Top Tours provides a wide range of advantages to its customers as one of the leading figures and major players in the tourism sector. We will do everything possible to make your trip with us a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you wanting more. Here are a few justifications for choosing Cairo Top Tours as your go-to travel companion. Flexible itineraries, affordable prices, excellent customer service, and payment convenience are all features of Our River Nile Cruises, where we guarantee you will have a memorable and insightful experience.

What is the best tour you recommend for exploring the landmarks of Cairo in one day?

The best tour for exploring the landmarks of Cairo in one day depends on your interests and priorities. However, a popular choice for a one-day Cairo tour typically includes the following key attractions:

The Giza Pyramids: Start your day with a visit to the Giza Plateau to see the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. You can also explore the nearby Sphinx.

The Egyptian Museum: After the pyramids, head to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, which houses an incredible collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun.

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar: Explore the bustling Khan el-Khalili market, where you can shop for souvenirs, jewelry, and spices and experience the vibrant atmosphere of an Egyptian bazaar.

Islamic Cairo: Visit historic Islamic Cairo, including landmarks like the Sultan Hassan Mosque, Al-Rifa'i Mosque, and the historic district of Al-Muizz Street with its stunning architecture.

Coptic Cairo: Discover the Christian heritage of Cairo by visiting the Hanging Church (Saint Virgin Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church) and the Coptic Museum.

Lunch at a Local Restaurant: Enjoy a traditional Egyptian meal at a local restaurant to savor the flavors of Egyptian cuisine.


Yes, there are many opportunities to experience local life during sightseeing tours. Here are some ways you can experience local life:

Visit local markets.
Participate in local events.
Communicate with local people.



The Giza Pyramids are a group of the three great pyramids in Egypt, which are:

  • The Pyramid of Khufu (or Kyophus) is one of the largest and most famous pyramids in the world. It may also be known as the Great Pyramid. This pyramid is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and it dates back to the ancient Pharaoh Khufu, who ruled Egypt in the ancient era.
  •      Khafre's Pyramid (or Khafren): It is believed that this pyramid was built for Pharaoh Khafre, who was the son of Khufu and ruled after his death.
  •      Mengu Pyramid: It is believed to have been built for Pharaoh Mengu, son of Khafre and grandson of Khufu.

There are many exciting and fun day tours in Cairo, some of which include:

Visit the pyramids and Saqora pyramids.

A tour of the Cairo Museum.

Tour in the traditional market (Khan Al Khalili).

A tour of the castle and Khan Al Khalili market.

Journey to the City of the Dead (City of Serfs).

Romantic Nile tour.

Visit Muhammad Ali Mosque.

A tour to watch the sound and light shows at the Giza Pyramids.

Visit the Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

You can book tickets with Cairo top tours, and guided tours are available for a more informative experience.

The first pharaoh in the history of Egypt was Narmer, also known as Menes. Narmer is believed to have unified Upper and Lower Egypt, founding the First Dynasty around 3100 BCE. He is often considered the first historical Pharaoh, as his rule marked the beginning of the dynastic period in ancient Egypt. Narmer is known for his inscriptions on various artifacts, including the Narmer Palette, which depicts his achievements and the unification of Egypt.

In Giza, there's a multitude of captivating tourist activities that showcase the ancient wonders and cultural richness of the region:

  • Pyramids of Giza.
  • Sound and light show.
  • Camel or horseback riding
  • Solar Boat Museum
  •     Imhotep Museum.
  •     Saqqara Necropolis.
  •     Memphis.
  • traditional Egyptian cuisine.
  • hot air balloon ride.

It's best to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy walking shoes, as you'll be doing a fair amount of walking. Egypt can be hot, so lightweight and breathable fabrics are ideal. Additionally, it's a good idea to dress modestly out of respect for the local culture, especially when visiting religious sites like mosques.

The time required for a tour of the Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum depends on your level of interest and the depth of exploration you desire. A typical guided tour usually takes around 4-6 hours. This timeframe allows for a visit to the three main pyramids at Giza, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu, as well as the Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum. In the Egyptian Museum, you can explore the extensive collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun.


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