Cairo Sightseeing Tours to The Egyptian Museum, Coptic and Islamic Cairo

Having a free day in Egypt? then reserve your Cairo day tours to the impressive Egyptian Museum and Coptic churches in Cairo. Your private tour guide will take you to see the ancient churches in the area known as Old Cairo, and the most ancient synagogue in Cairo during your 8 hours Cairo City tour. Book your Cairo private tours and daily excursions now!

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Join our Cairo Sightseeing tours to get a full experience of the city and the most remarkable attractions of the historic nature, discover most of the Cairo city tour in just 8 hours with our unique Tour to the Egyptian Museum and Coptic Cairo Tour. See the most interesting historical sites like the Citadel of Saladin and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, which is located on the highest point inside the Citadel, The Synagogue of Ben Ezra, the cave church where the Holy family thought to be stayed in while the had been in Egypt escaping from King Herod, and The Hanging Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Egypt. At the end of your Cairo Trips, you will walk in the oldest streets in Cairo where the old stone pavement of the medieval ages is still well-preserved in Khan El Khalili, one of Cairo's oldest markets, Enjoy your privately guided tours in Cairo now!

We ensure you will have the most expert tour guides to be at your service during the whole trip, and we provide you a well-trained and very responsive operation team to be at your service through planning your Old Cairo Tour

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One of our experienced English speaking tour guides from Cairo Top Tours will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby to start your amazing Egypt Day Tours to the Egyptian Museum and Coptic district in Cairo.

You will be transferred to enjoy 2 hours tour to the Egyptian Museum located in the heart of Cairo. Go back in time and discover the greatness of the ancient Egyptian artifacts. More than 160,000 masterpieces are displayed on the two floors of the Egyptian Museum. Your Egyptologist tour guide will give you a clear explanation of all the items including the treasures of King Tutankhamen, the only royal treasure discovered intact and consists of a huge collection of gold and jewelry that were hidden under the sand more than three thousand years ago until the tomb was excavated in 1922 then it was entirely moved to Cairo and the Egyptian Museum.

Continue to visit the Citadel of Salah El Din and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali inside, which represents a unique model of Ottoman architecture in Cairo. The design is copied from the famous Blue Mosque of Istanbul, The Citadel is a medieval Islamic-period fortress in Cairo and it's considered to be the center of the Egyptian government since it was established by Salah Eldin until the reign of King Farouk during the first half of the past century.

After your lunch break in an oriental restaurant to enjoy your lunch, enjoy Old Cairo's churches Tour to explore the ancient Roman fortification of Babylon and get amazed by The Hanging Church one of the highlights of Old Cairo trips, you will also visit the church of St Sergius which is also known as the Cavern Church, it was built above the crypt where Jesus Christ and his mother accompanied by Saint Joseph the carpenter stayed for nearly three months and the fountain from which they were drinking water. At last,  you will see Ben Ezra Synagogue, according to traditions it was built before the ninth century when it has been converted into a Jewish Synagogue after it had been a Coptic Church for many centuries.

We will resume our Cairo day tours to explore the  Islamic district of Cairo, which includes the various relics of medieval Cairo. You will see the old walls, mosques like Al- Azhar mosque. Madrasas, Sabils and gates of the city during the middle ages and its old stone-paved alleys date back the Islamic era. Finish your Islamic Cairo Trips by having mint-tea at Fishawy the oldest cafe while watching the minarets of Al Azhar Mosque in Khan El Khalili, one of the oldest Egyptian markets.

Finally, Our tour guide will take you back to your hotel.

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