Mausoleum of Atika | Atika Tomb

Atika’s tomb is within a modest house consisting of three rooms, a small dressing room, ablution, and space, with a northern door leading to the road and next to it a niche for candles. It is topped by a renovated mihrab and a wooden ceiling for the room.

In the scene of Lady Atika bint Abd al-Muttalib, the Hashemite Quraishite, the aunt of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. A true dream, as she was the first to predict the doom of the Quraish at Badr, and she narrated her vision to her brother “Al-Abbas” and asked him to conceal it, but her vision spread among the people of Quraysh after Al-Abbas told her to a friend of his. Your men prophesied until your women prophesied?
She saw in a dream such and such, so we will wait for you three. If what she said is not true, otherwise we will write to you that you are the most liars of the people of a household among the Arabs.” He went to stay there on the night of the Night Journey and Al-Miraj, and she was the first to tell her the details of his journey to the seven heavens.

She also migrated for the sake of God with the female companions to Medina and died there, and her scene was built in Egypt next to the scenes of Lady Ruqayyah bint Ali, may God be pleased with them.

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