The Egyptian Nile Valley witnessed a lot of historical events and wondrous monuments from the Pharaonic era all the way to the Ptolemaic and the Greco Roman era to learn about before planning your Egypt tours like the tour to Giza Pyramids and Coptic Cairo tour and much more to see that will satisfy your eyes and your travel-partner with a deluxe Egypt Nile River Cruise to see most of the wonders of the Nile Valley of Egypt between Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan as the Kom Ombo and Edfu tour, Day Tour to El Fayoum from Cairo, Cairo to Wadi El Rayan Trip, Two Days Trip to El Minya from Cairo, Dendera and Abydos Tour from Luxor, as well as all the beautiful Egyptian cities along the verdant banks of the magnificent Nile, Learn more here so that you can make the best plan for your Egypt Travel PackagesEgypt Day Tours and Cairo Day Tours!


El Minya City

Al-Minya is a historical masterpiece, the result of the evolution and stratification of ancient civilizations, this city is today one of the most extraordinary destinations in most of Egypt Travel Packages. Currently inhabited by about 4 million Egyptians,

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El Fayoum Oasis Egypt | Fayoum Oasis Lake Qarun | Wadi El Rayyan

Al Fayoum

Wadi Al Rayyan protected area, with some lakes like the famous Qarun Lake, connected to a beautiful waterfall and only in Egypt is included within the Fayoum Oasis

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Abydos Temple of Osiris | Temple of Seti I | Nile Valley

Abydos Temple of Osiris

The tomb of God Osiris, "the god of the dead world, and the underworld" was located in Abydos as ancient Egyptians believed, and they also believed in the ancient Egyptian religion, where his head was buried. The temple was created throughout the reign of King Seti I and was executed by Ramses II and Mern Ptah, his son, and grandson!!

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Wadi El Rayan

Wadi El Rayan Nature Protectorate in Faiyum | Waterfalls in Wadi El Rayan

Wadi Al-Rayan is one of the largest reserves in Egypt and the most important in terms of scientific value and the great diversity of natural life and environmental components. It is located in El Fayoum, southwest of Cairo and 25 kilometers from the city of Fayoum.

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Beni Hassan Tombs  in El Minya city

Beni Hassan Tombs in El Minya city

He covered the walls of the cemetery with a layer of mortar and then began to draw aspects of daily life from agriculture, industry and religious life, meaning that the tombs of Bani Hassan are a complete record that records the aspects of daily life in Egypt in the era of the Middle Kingdom.

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Temple of Khnum at Esna

Temple of Khnum at Esna

Isna Temple, south of Luxor, is one of the most famous temples, whose discovery has not yet been completed, and the Ministry of Antiquities has begun expropriating the houses adjacent to it to complete excavation work in it and discover the rest of the temple.

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The Hawara Pyramid Archaeological

The Hawara Pyramid Archaeological Site

The Hawara Pyramid, southwest of Cairo, was built by Pharaoh of Egypt Amenemhat the Third. It is built with mud-covered stone from the silt of the Nile, and the English archaeologist "Petri" succeeded in 1899 in entering the pyramid and reaching the burial chamber.

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Village Tuna El-Gabal

Tuna El-Gabal Village

Tuna El-Gabal is a village affiliated with the Mallawi Center, Minya Governorate, Egypt. According to 2006 statistics, the total population of Tuna al-Jabal was 16,126 people.

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Tanis City Egypt

The Ruins of Tanis in Egypt

The ruins of Tanis rise at the northeastern end of the Nile Delta. It is a little exploited place for tourists, given its distance of over 70km from the already distant Zagazig. A very important burial site during the last centuries of the Pharaonic civilization, Tanis has returned one of the most extraordinary treasures of Egyptology. Discover more with Cairo Top Tours!

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