The Egyptian Nile Valley witnessed a lot of historical events and wondrous monuments from the Pharaonic era all the way to the Ptolemaic and the Greco Roman era to learn about before planning your Egypt tours like the tour to Giza Pyramids and Coptic Cairo tour and much more to see that will satisfy your eyes and your travel-partner with a deluxe Egypt Nile River Cruise to see most of the wonders of the Nile Valley of Egypt between Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan as the Kom Ombo and Edfu tour, Day Tour to El Fayoum from Cairo, Cairo to Wadi El Rayan Trip, Two Days Trip to El Minya from Cairo, Dendera and Abydos Tour from Luxor, as well as all the beautiful Egyptian cities along the verdant banks of the magnificent Nile, Learn more here so that you can make the best plan for your Egypt Travel PackagesEgypt Day Tours and Cairo Day Tours!

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El Minya City

Al-Minia is a small town in the Middle of Egypt. Although it doesn't get much attention on the tourist map, it was a powerful regional capital within Egypt. During the Old Kingdom, when the authority that ruled Egypt from Memphis collapsed, El Minya became a minor center of power and continued to control central Egypt through the Middle Kingdom.

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El Fayoum Oasis Egypt | Fayoum Oasis Lake Qarun | Wadi El Rayyan

Al Fayoum

The oasis of Al-Fayoum is located two hours southwest of Cairo and is undoubtedly one of the hidden treasures of the country. It is characterized by several water conductors, numbering about 200, to irrigate agricultural lands.

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Abydos Temple of Osiris | Temple of Seti I | Nile Valley

Abydos Temple of Osiris

The temple of Abydos was the main center of worship for the god Osiris, and this temple is famous for the large number of tombs and cemeteries that were found in 1895 AD, which are attributed to the kings of the first and second dynasties. It has some differences in its architectural design from the rest of the Egyptian temples, since the temple was built on two axes, the first part from east to west and the second axis from north to south.

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Wadi El Rayan

Wadi El Rayan Nature Protectorate in Faiyum | Waterfalls in Wadi El Rayan

The Wadi El-Rayan reserve is one of the most important nature reserves in Egypt after the Ras Muhammad, Saint Catherine, and Elba Mountain reserves. The lakes of Wadi Al-Rayan have an area of approximately 45,000 acres and are three lakes that thousands of visitors flock to from all over the republic, especially for their importance.

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Beni Hassan Tombs  in El Minya city

Beni Hassan Tombs in El Minya city

The Bani Hassan area, south of Minya, is one of the most important archaeological and tourist areas in Upper Egypt. It is an archaeological zone that contains an ancient Egyptian cemetery. It is located 20 kilometers south of the city of Minya, in the area known as Middle Egypt, which stretches between Assiut and Manf as "Mit Rahina".

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Temple of Khnum at Esna

Temple of Khnum at Esna

The Temple of Khnum in the city of Esna, south of Luxor. It is the only one that remains in its state of the ancient temples of Esna, which surpassed number 4 and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations for its uniqueness.

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The Hawara Pyramid Archaeological

The Hawara Pyramid Archaeological Site

The Hawara Pyramid, southwest of Cairo, is a pyramid built by Pharaoh Amenemhat III after the collapse of his first pyramid, which he built at Dahshur. This pyramid was also built with mud bricks and then clad from the outside with limestone.

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Village Tuna El-Gabal

Tuna El-Gabal Village

Sand hid their features and the temperature of the air affected the walls of their houses, which seemed to be about to collapse completely. It is the village "New Tuna Al Jabal" in the south of Minya, a dream that sank into the desert sands, making passersby in the town of Mallawi, south of Minya Across the road from the western desert , you see it as if it is buried in the sand.

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Tanis City Egypt

The Ruins of Tanis in Egypt

The ruins of Tanis rise at the northeastern end of the Nile Delta. It is a little exploited place for tourists, given its distance of over 70km from the already distant Zagazig. A very important burial site during the last centuries of the Pharaonic civilization, Tanis has returned one of the most extraordinary treasures of Egyptology. Discover more with Cairo Top Tours!

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El Ashmunein

Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein)

Ashmonin is one of the cities of Ancient Egypt, and a capital of the regions of Upper Egypt, and the Ministry of Antiquities recently found an ancient cemetery for family cemeteries that includes a group of burial wells dating back to the end of the Pharaonic ages and the beginning of the Ptolemaic era.

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Deir al muharraq monastery

The Monastery of the Virgin "Deir Al Muharraq" in Assiut governorate is considered one of the most important Christian monasteries and shrines and Egyptian Coptic monuments. The Holy Family came to it during its escape from Palestine to hide from the oppression of King Herod, who was seeking to kill Jesus, and among the most prominent information about the monastery:

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