Virgin Mary Church in Zaytoun

Professor "Tawfiq Khalil" agreed with an Italian engineer named "Limovilli" (Limovilli) to design the "Church of the Virgin Mary in Olives" in the style of the "Hagia Sophia" Church in Constantinople.

In the year 1924 AD. Some of the Copts of Zaytoun thought of building a church; Because there was no church in this large suburb at all, so they resorted to the late "Professor Khalil Ibrahim" (Khalil Pasha Ibrahim). He was rich and they asked him to donate a plot of land to build the church, so he promised them that. They began collecting donations, during which the late "Khalil died" Ibrahim.” The Copts presented their collected 450 pounds to Professor Tawfiq Khalil, son of the late Khalil Ibrahim. Therefore, I will commit on his behalf to carry out this wish.”

Virgin Mary Church in Zaytoun

Virgin Mary Church in Zaytoun


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As for the area of ​​the Church of the Apparition, it is 250 square meters, and it has five domes, the central one is 17 meters above the ground, and it has windows that open to the nave of the church and are topped by a large cross. The other four domes are less in size and rise 12 meters from the ground and have openings, but they are not connected to the church. Its land is the roof of the church.

Inside the church, there are many icons of the Virgin, angels, and saints. New icons were drawn in it with the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the church; Such as the image of the Virgin in the main dome of the church, as well as some icons that were given to the church by Emperor "Haileselassie" when he visited the church.

Since the transfiguration of the Virgin Mary in her, the people of the church have become counted in the thousands, after the church was designed to accommodate twenty family members at most.

One of the blessings of the Transfiguration of the Virgin in the Church is that the garage of the Public Transport Authority opposite the Church of the Apparition has become the place on which a large cathedral was built, which is now the second largest cathedral in terms of area in the Middle East. Its cornerstone was laid by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III on Thursday, March 25, 1976.

A hospital, homes for the elderly and expatriates, and service buildings were built in the church.

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