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  • Gabal Shayeb Al Banat - Red Sea Mountain

    Gabal Shayeb Al Banat - Red Sea Mountain

    Gabal Shayeb Al Banat, also known as Mount Shayeb Al Banat, is a stunning mountain located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The mountain holds cultural significance and attracts visitors seeking natural beauty and captivating folklore.

  • Mummification Museum

    Mummification Museum

    The Mummification Museum is a unique and captivating destination that offers visitors an extraordinary glimpse into the ancient Egyptian art of mummification. It houses a vast collection of well-preserved mummies, artifacts, and interactive exhibits.

  • Sphinx in White Desert - White Chalk Formations

    Sphinx in White Desert - White Chalk Formations

    The Sphinx in White Desert is a stunning natural rock formation located in the White Desert of Egypt. Resembling the mythical creature from ancient Egyptian lore, this mesmerizing structure stands tall amidst the surreal landscape.

  • The English House in Egypt - An Oasis Relic of War and Revolution

    The English House in Egypt - An Oasis Relic of War and Revolution

    The English House in Egypt is a historical landmark that stands as a captivating relic of the region's tumultuous past, reflecting the impact of war and revolution on the oasis. Nestled amidst the Egyptian desert, this architectural gem holds a significant place in history.

  • Best National Parks In Egypt

    Best National Parks In Egypt To Witness The Wild Side Of The Country!

    It is common knowledge that Egypt has a warm climate and desert landscapes, but less is known about the national parks and natural reserves, which make up over 12% of the country's total geographical area. Egypt has over 30 national parks, each home to a variety of plants and animals, some of which are indigenous to Egypt and are only found there. The National Parks are popular destinations for the people of Cairo, the capital city, who come for a breath of fresh air away from the bustle of city life. The country's national parks and wildlife reserves, which draw visitors from all over the world, are one of Egypt's top tourism destinations.

  • list of lakes in egypt

    Relax And Unwind At The Lakeside In The Land Of Pyramids

    People who prefer peace and tranquilly would undoubtedly enjoy spending time by themselves amid Egypt's natural beauty close to the lakes. Nature does provide one with a lot of privacy because of the tranquil waterways and the chirping birds. In fact, it's a wonderful location for self-reflection and rejuvenation while taking in the natural splendour.

  • 05 16, 2023

Doctrine and rituals The structure The primitive structure of the god "Min"

- who is the oldest deity that can be identified so far - was a conical hut not far from the shape of the square huts, of which there are still many among the African tribes.

All three forms of buildings contain rooms in which the owner lives, whether a living person, a god, or the dead, and parts of the building in which his furniture and possessions are kept, and servants are assigned to provide comfort to the living, and priests serve the gods, while a special class of Genizian priests was the service of the consort, which meant the comfort of the dead and its requirements.

 Worship The most important centers of his worship were Akhmim and Qeft.

The god Min was his sacred symbol, a column or a monument that was appearing on one of the masts of the (Naqada) civilization near the end of prehistoric times, although the nature of this column is still mysterious, and sometimes the image of each other differs from the other, although its appearance in the era of (Naqada) took the form of A monument carved from stone or wood. It may be an arrow or a spear with two heads. Feasts were held for him during the harvest season, (the feasts of the god “Min”).

The feasts of God were linked to a season or a date in the religious year that generally does not involve any relationship to seasons, according to the nature of the god who owns the feast.

The god of fertility, who was celebrated in all his temples with rain at the beginning of the crop season. The statue of "Min" was carried by the priests on poles, and each of them was wrapped in robes adorned with the names of the king and in the way that only their heads and feet appear from the top and bottom of the robes, followed by another small group of priests carrying with them lettuce wraps, which is the sacred plant of the god "Min".

Baqad was also a white bull in the procession, while statues of the king and symbols or signs of the gods were raised on the masts.

And when the king took over his throne called "under the cabin," a grain of wheat was cut for the god, and four birds were released to the pillars of the globe, carrying written announcements about the feast.

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God Min is an ancient Egyptian deity associated with fertility, virility, and the harvest. He is often portrayed as a ithyphallic male deity with his symbols including an erect penis and a flail.


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