Goddess Nut | Goddess of the Sky

Nut is the goddess of the sky in ancient Egyptian religion and is usually drawn with stars. According to the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, she is the sister of Jeb, god of the earth, and her father Shu, god of the air, and her mother Tefnut, the goddess of moisture (or the goddess of fire as interpreted by some historians).

Goddess Nut 

Among the Egyptian gods, the divinity responsible for the heavens was represented with an elongated body covered in stars, bent towards the earth holding on with the hands and feet. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that, Nut was related to the world of the dead, since she treated them like a mother treats her children, offering them help and security, besides, this goddess gave the concession to the deceased to revive.

Although the mother of all gods had decided to have a family with Geb, both her father Shu and Ra, the sun god, did not agree with that relationship, so they tried to separate them so that Nut had no children.

Goddess of the Sky

This is because Ra feared losing her throne, however, Nut managed to have her children with her husband, each of them possessing powerful qualities as Seth personified the god of evil, Osiris embodied the deity of the dead, Isis represented the goddess of magic, Nephthys symbolized the divinity of water, and Horus the Elder personified the god of war.

The moment the god Ra found out about the birth of the children of the goddess of the heavens, he was so upset that he managed to separate that union by preventing them from seeing each other during the 365 days of the year, however, Nut got time slots from the moon to meet Geb.

On the other hand, this goddess was related to the sun, since she swallowed the god Ra at night and the latter appeared resplendent the next day showing the new dawn.


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