Goddess Sekhmet

Sekhmet is a mythological figure of ancient Egypt, depicted as a lioness-headed woman seated on a throne. Among her titles are the great lady, the beloved of Ptah, the eye of Ra, the lady of war, the lady of the earthly, "Upper and Lower Egypt", the mighty, and many other titles, meaning that her name is the most powerful, and she was worshipped at the entrances of the valleys, especially in Upper Egypt.

Sekhmet, according to ancient Egyptian religion, is the daughter of Amun Ra, the god of the sun-disk and the most important among the gods of ancient Egypt, this deity is represented with a woman's body, a lioness head and on it a solar disk, this goddess always wore a long red dress the which personified its roots.

On the other hand, because it was so powerful and feared, it had great importance for King Amenhotep III, who ordered the construction of 365 statues to venerate it and thus be able to calm his anger.

This goddess lived up to her name which means powerful since she had a double personality, one was dangerous and destructive, bloodthirsty, and the other protective and healing. Sekhmet brought plagues and diseases, she owned seven arrows that she used to launch her at her enemies, this goddess of war was very fearful for humanity.

On the other hand, she possessed a protective and healing power above all to heal fractures in the human being for what she was called the patron saint of doctors. Sekhmet was known as the goddess of love for stimulating passions, being this the most beautiful of the Egyptian gods,  and always looked splendid.

In addition, Sekhmet was known as the eye of her father Ra the sun god, who, seeing that the humans rebelled and were no longer going to pay tribute to him, decided to send his daughter to pursue and destroy them. She unleashed her great anger and begins to lash out against those who turned their backs on her father. Her unstoppable anger was so great and ruthless that God Amun Ra himself felt humanity's mercy and for this reason, decided to stop her, but failed.

Amun Ra, therefore, decided to trick her into stopping her, so he ordered her to prepare a red concoction and throw it on her way, she drank it thinking it was blood, and got drunk, this is how they stopped Sekhmet's fury.

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