Goddess Hathor | Goddess of Fertility, Love, and Motherhood

She is one of the ancient Egyptian gods. The idol "Hathor" was one of the most important and famous Egyptian deities and even one of the most widespread in history. Some believe that her cult appeared in prehistoric times, while others believe that she appeared since the beginning of the Old Kingdom.

Goddess Hathor, in the Ancient Egyptian religion, was the goddess of joy, beauty, music, dance, poetry, and love. The sacred instrument of Hathor was the sistrum.

As in many other ancient religions, the goddess of love is also the goddess of death (Venus, Libitina, Astarte, etc.). Thus Hathor assumes, by order of God Amun Ra, the deadly aspect of the lioness Sekhmet in the myth of the destruction of mankind.

Ptolemy Philopator consecrated the necropolis of Deir el-Medina for Hathor. The goddess was also worshiped in Northern Aphroditopolis, Apollinofolio Magne, and El-Deir El-BahriShe was identified in Kadesh, the bride of Reshep, an Asian divinity who also patronized love and deathShe was also considered as God Sobek's wife in the divine triad worshiped at Kom Ombo.

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