God Seth | Egyptian God of War | God of the Desert in Egypt Mythology

Set is one of the deities of ancient Egypt, the god of storms and violence. He is called Seth Nabateans, ie the Seth belonging to the city of Nobet, and is the god of evil in ancient Egypt, where he killed his brother Osiris. Several battles took place between him and Horus, which ended with the victory of the good guys (Horus).

God Seth

According to an ancient belief, God Seth was the son of Geb and Nut, his wife was the sister of Nephthys.
However, none of the unions with the many possessed women has been useful and this was probably related to the sterility of the deserts over which Seth's power extended.

The body of this animal had fur bunches that were formed like inverted arrows. In his hands was a long staff that has the head of a Seth animal on top and was forked at the bottom. Seth is depicted holding an ankh sign (key of life) in one hand and a staff in another. He is associated with the pig, the donkey, and the crocodile. He was also associated with some poisonous creatures like scorpions, and snakes, and sometimes as a hippopotamus.

The mythology of Ancient Egypt

Seth and  Horus were the two deities that symbolized Egypt in the two ethnic components. All the Asian populations that settled in Egypt, starting with the Hyksos, had their main divinity in Seth.

Originally Seth was worshiped as a local god in the fifth and eleventh districts of Upper Egypt; in prehistoric times, he was the god of all of Upper Egypt. The cult of Seth was introduced under the reign of King Peribsen in the 2nd Dynasty, in the eastern Delta region, this king was even called Seth-Peribsen. Beginning in the Heliopolitan era, the kings who ruled Egypt from north to south were "Servants of Horus", therefore enemies of Seth.

He was also known by Egyptians as the god of war and storms and was linked with the planet mercury and the color red. The people thus hated people with red skin and even killed animals having red fur because they thought they were related to Seth, Osiris’s younger brother, who grew jealous of him and murdered him. After killing Osiris, Seth dismembered Osiris’s body, and he scattered the pieces of his body over the face of the earth.


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