The 29th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The XXVII Dynasty is of the well-known rulers in the history of Egypt. It was founded by Nefretes I. By defeating Amirtaeus in open battle and then killing him later in Memphis. Nefertiti took his capital at Mendes.

The Thirtieth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

NEPHITES I: It is not known of the events that brought this pharaoh, and the dynasty he founded, on the throne of Egypt. His main concern, like that of his predecessor Amirteos, was to keep Egypt independent of Persia. When, in 396 BC Sparta, entered the war against Persia, and tried to ally with Egypt, in response to the request of the Spartan king Agesilaus, the pharaoh Nepherites I gave him 500,000 bushels of wheat and equipment. percent triremes.

Achor, as a first act, broke the alliance with Sparta signed by his predecessor since it had proved to be disadvantageous and hurried to seek help elsewhere, finding him, employing a treaty, with Evagora king of Salamis from Cyprus. In 386 BC, however, the peace between Sparta and Persia left Achoris and Evagora alone in front of Artaxerxes. First, the Persian emperor attacked Egypt, which had had time to return to being a rich and strong country.

Evagoras proved to be of great help by pushing her troops into the enemy camp and capturing Tire and other cities of Phenicia; but later his luck left him and, after losing an important naval battle, he was besieged in his city of Salamina and eventually surrendered (380 BC).

After remaining a loyal vassal of the king of Persia for a long time, Evagora fell victim to a conspiracy. According to the Chronicle, the misfortune, however, continued to persecute Achoris who left the throne to his son Nepherites II, destined to lose him within four months, after which the crown passed to a general originally from Sebennito.

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