The Fourteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The Hyksos, the fourteenth dynasty, began in 1548 B.C., which initiated the era of the Second Middle Kingdom.

The Fourteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The Fourteenth Dynasty in Egypt was a series of rulers who ruled during the second intermediate period of the Nile Delta region in Egypt, and it was most likely the capital of rule Alvares.

The Fourteenth Dynasty was present simultaneously with the Thirteenth Dynasty in Memphis. Some Egyptologists believe the rulers of this family are of Canaanite origin, due to the distinct origins of the names of some of their kings and princes.

Within this family, there were at least two governing houses, and they were then - relatively contemporary in ruling different regions of Lower Egypt, namely:

The Pharaohs of Sakha Xois dominated part of the western delta, and we do not really know anything about them except that they assumed power often during the period of the rule of the pharaoh "Sebekhotep IV (1730 - 1723 BC).

The second kingdom was established by "Nehesy" in the eastern delta around 1720 BC, with its capital "Avaris", which was considered a river port through which trade with Asia passes. Although it was an Egyptian kingdom, it was built on land where the majority of its population was through the Asians, so soon the wave of Hyksos who spread their influence over Egypt quickly started from that kingdom.


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