The Second Dynasty of Ancient Egypt History

In fact, so far, we do not know the reasons that led to the fall of the First Dynasty and the rise of the second Dynasty. We do not know the incidents that occurred and ended with the seizure of the throne by another family, and we also ignore the connection between the two families if there is a fact of the transmission of the king from one family to another. We follow Maniton in the divided families, there is no doubt that they have enough documents to justify this division.

The Second Dynasty of Ancient Egypt History

In fact, until now we do not know the reasons that led to the fall of the first dynasty and the establishment of a second family. We are unaware of the incidents that took place and ended with the capture of another family by the throne, and we also do not know the relationship between the two families if there is a fact that the king transferred from one family to another. We follow Manetho in his division of dynasties, and he undoubtedly had sufficient documentation to justify that division.

The first and the second dynasty are called the archaic period by historians and it ended with the formation of the Old Kingdom and the beginning of the dynastic period by the third dynasty.

In fact, we do not see any change or sense of any effect of a sudden transition, so everything continued in its natural course, whether in terms of technical development or the organization of the government in general.
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These pharaohs did not differ from the previous kings in their deeds. Going to exploit the quarries of Sinai and trying to calm the north was one of their most important deeds.

Some traces indicating their activity were found, but no trace was found of the tombs of some of the kings of that family in Abydos, which is likely that they preferred to reside in the northern capital (Memphis) (white wall or white castle (according to the opinion of Dr. Ahmed Fakhry) and preferred to construct their tombs We see what these kings left as signs of palaces built by the kings after the fourth year of their rule,

and the temples they establish for various deities, especially the god “falcon” (the falcon), which is one of the greatest idols of the new capital. We also see from the seals of their employees' steady progress in the governmental organization and the presence of various departments.


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