The Seventeenth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt

The last governor of the 17th dynasty, known as the "invader" of the Hyksos for delivering Egypt.

At the beginning of this dynasty, a large stele was found in Karnak Temple which reports in all details the military measures taken by Kamose against the king of the Hyksos Aweserra Apapi .

It is a real account of the military campaign that led to the expulsion of the Hyksos. But fate had decreed that the final winner of the Hyksos was not him, it seems that he died, still young before he could complete a second military campaign. This glory was to touch his successor, Ahmose I (Amosis in Manetone), which future generations would honor as the founder of the 18th dynasty. Although the place of his burial is known, there are not many objects bearing the name of Kamose that have come down to us.

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