Anwar el-Sadat

He was the third president of the Republic of Egypt after the time of the Pharaohs, serving from 1970 until his assassination in 1981 by extremists, and he was one of the founders of the Free Officers who overthrew the monarchy in the July 1952 revolution and became Vice President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Then came his replacement as president.

Anwar el-Sadat (1918–1981)

Anwar el-Sadat was the one-time president of Egypt (1970-1981) who shared the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for establishing peace agreements with Israel.
An Egyptian politician who served in the military before helping to overthrow his country's monarchy in early 1950. He was a president and later became president in 1970.

 Born in December 25, 1918, in Mit Ab al-Kawm, Al-Minufiyyah governorate.

Before the group could succeed, the British arrested and jailed Sadat in 1942, but he runaway two years later. In 1946, Sadat was again arrested.

Sadat joined Nasser's Free Officers, was involved in the group's armed uprising against the Egyptian monarchy in 1952.

Sadat held  in Nasser's administration , becom  president of Egypt (1964–1966, 1969–1970)Nasser died on September 28, 1970, and Sadat became acting president ,winning the position for good  vote on October 15, 1970. 

he began the open-door policy known as infitah,

Sadat really made an impact was on foreign policy, as he began peace talks with Egypt's longtime foe Israel, israel refused Sadat's terms, that peace could come if Israel returned to the Sinai Peninsula.

Sadat and Syria built a military coalition to retake the territory in 1973.the begen the war in October  , and he get siena in 6 hours .

the Camp David Accords were agreed upon between Egypt and Israel in September 1978.

 On October 6, 1981, Armed Forces Day, Sadat was assassinated by Muslim extremists during a military parade commemorating the Yom Kippur War in Cairo, Egypt.


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