Emperor Trajan

Emperor Trajan was the first Roman emperor born in Italica. A soldier and an administrator, he entered Rome easily and won the popularity of the people.

the Roman Emperor Trajan was Seco and of the Five Good Emperors to rule the Roman Empire. Trajan was born on September 18, 53, in the city of Italica, and rose in the ranks of the Roman army. Trajan's father was the ruler of Syria in the year 77, he was appointed consul and brought Apollodor of Damascus with him to Rome.

Trajan was the first Roman emperor born in Italica. Regaining full power, the Senate began a form of state welfare, designed to ensure that poor children were provided with care and food. He was looking at the empire from a different perspective, in order to reach the maximum extent of his rule, in order to maintain close control of the state's finances. Taxes were sufficient during his reign to pay the budgeted expenditures. Emperor Domitian participated in the wars and succeeded Domitian with Nerva, who was unwanted in the army and due to Nerva's need to do anything to gain the support of the army, Nerva accomplished this by naming Trajan his adopted son and successor. When Nerva, the successor of Domitian, died, Emperor Trajan assumed power on January 27, 98, without incident or problems.
In the year 98, Emperor Trajan assumed power after Domitianus. He was initially preoccupied with the conditions of Europe. During his reign, two dangerous projects took place in Egypt: - The first was the renewal of the Ptolemaic Gulf that connects the Nile to the Red Sea, but it was neglected and its sides collapsed, then Trajan restored it and increased its length a lot until it reached Babylon After passing through the city of Ain Shams, it was restored a second time and its length increased slightly during the Islamic era. The second is the construction of the great Babylon Citadel, whose remains are now known as Qasr al-Shama’. It includes six of the oldest Christian churches in Cairo, although when this castle was built, there was only one church inside its walls, which is now known as Abu Serga. In the year 116 Trajan led forces from Rome and from Syria to the east and south of Mesopotamia and captured the capital, Stesiphon, on the Tigris River. Trajan reached the Persian Gulf and enjoyed the honor of being the first and last Roman general to sail in that remote sea. He dreamed of sailing from there to the shores of Asia and India.

Some historians say that Trajan's policy with Christians was a policy of leniency and tolerance at the beginning and the martyrdom of Saint Ignatius, it is said that there was persecution and killing of Christians even if they considered them Jews. Trajan was the first emperor to declare Christianity a forbidden religion and to put an end to the spread of Christianity, he sentenced many of them to death and sent others to the imperial court in Rome. Then the disputes and rivalries between the Jews and Greece in North Africa returned, and the differences increased, so the Roman governor, Opus, tried to suppress their revolution, but he did not overcome the revolutionaries. Of their national privileges, they are legally stripped, and after this defeat, their dreams were dashed as they await the return of freedom and their homeland to them, and from that era, they converted to Christianity in droves.


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