King Seqenenre

Seqnenre, the second largest king in Egypt was the one who started the battle in Egypt to remove the Hyksos, ended with his son, Ahmose, the First.

King  Seqenenre 

The king “Sqnananre” is considered one of the greatest and most glorious kings of Egypt in the country's history, and he is one of the kings of the XVII dynasty that used to rule southern Egypt only, from the region Thebes Luxor is now, and during the difficult period of the rule of Egypt, the country was under the occupation of the hateful Hyksos.

Seqenenre Egypt

The actual struggle began to expel the Hyksos from Egypt, during the reign of King Sqnananre, and to rid the country of the foreign occupier, who had been burdening it for a long period of time, and for his great struggle, he became one of the most prominent martyrs of Egypt throughout the ages, since his body was discovered in the cache of the monastery Al-Bahri in 1881 AD, one year before the British occupation of Egypt.

He fought in the early wars of liberation when he was a prince of Thebes at the time of the Hyksos occupation of Egypt and offered his soul as a sacrifice to liberate the country from this occupation, and his son Kamus and his brother Ahmose have great merit to the confront the Hyksos rulers and drive them out of Egypt.

The mummy of King "Sqnananre" was found in the Deir al-Bahari hideout, which was discovered in 1881, so this discovery becomes extremely important not because of the mummy, the papyri, and the statues, but let's find this time. On his body to give us a glimpse of him. This mummy is exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square until it is transferred for a few days to the National Museum of Civilizations, and its death appears as a result of its wounds in the battle of honor, and this matter was confirmed after some weapons used by the Hyksos were tested and matched with most of the skull wounds, as well as the poor embalming that was done to this mummy, due to the speed of embalming it on the battlefield.

The Salian Papyrus, which confirms the disappearance of Seqnenre from the historical records, confirms his death in the first stage of this struggle, and after him, his son, King Kames, one of the liberation heroes who had not yet found his mummy, took over the matter after which his other son took over “Ahmose,” the hero of liberation immortalized by historical narratives, after securing Egypt's borders and forming a strong army that protected Egypt from dangers.


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