King Menes | Narmer | 1st King of Unified Egypt

King Menes, also known as Narmer, is a pharaoh of the first Egyptian family and united the two countries, i.e. the northern and southern kingdoms of Egypt, around 3200 BC.

King Narmer | King Menes

Traditionally, the first unification of Lower Egypt with Upper Egypt is attributed to this warrior king, at a date around 3000 B.C. This story dates back to the first dynasty and there is no documentary evidence that can further confirm or deny it. The existence of this king is attested by a palette of exceptional historical importance, (Narmer palette), discovered in the Temple of Edfu dedicated to God Horus at Hierakonpolisin in 1898, on which appears the serekh with the title written in Hieroglyphs as a fish and a chisel, the dish is Nar and the chisel is Mer which connects the full name, Narmer.

A king named “Scorpion", whose name is recorded on a ceremonial macehead found at Hierakonpolis is sometimes described as an ancestor of Narmer. The stylistic similarities between this macehead and several artifacts bearing the name of Narmer, which have also been found at Hierakonpolis, put “Scorpion" close to Narmer

Narmer was married to a queen named Neithhotp. Narmer was a warrior king. A year label from his reign records a victory of a people living in a marshland. This may the same victory as the one recorded on the Narmer Palette.


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