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khentkawes was the queen of Ancient Egypt during the reign of the Fourth Dynasty. she played an important role in the succession of the IVth and Vth dynasties. And she took many titles, such as Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt and Mother of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Queen khentkawes 

Khentkaus I, also referred to as Khentkawes, was a royal woman who lived in ancient Egypt during the 4th dynasty and the fifth dynasty of the Old Kingdom. She may have been a daughter of King Mycerinus, the wife of both king Shepseskaf and king Userkaf (the founder of the fifth dynasty), the mother of King Sahure, and perhaps, in her own right, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt. Her mastaba at Giza Necropolis is located very close to Menkaure's pyramid complex. This close connection may point to a family relationship. Although the relationship is not clear, the proximity of the pyramid complex of Khentkaus to that of king Menkaure has led to the opinion that she may have been his daughter.

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She maybe was the daughter of Menkaure, this is considered widely and much evidence supports the idea. Khentkaus may have been married to King Userkaf and may have been the mother of Sahure.


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