Temsah Lake | Crocodile Lake Egypt

Lake Timsah additionally called crocodile Lake is a lake in Egypt on the Nile River delta. It extends from the sea to the Gulf of the Suez through the Bitter Lakes region.

Lake Timsah is found between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. all-time low points of time period type shallow natural lakes, of that Timsah, is one. The expanse of Lake Timsah covers five.4 sq. miles. Most of the lake is boggy and its depth seldom exceeds three feet. Lake El Temsah or crocodilian reptile lake is one of the foremost necessary and exquisite lakes within the province of El Ismailia dominating the shipway. It is thought about as the first supply of fish richness within the governorate. Lake El Temsah is one of the outstanding holidaymaker attractions of the governorate thanks to the tranquillity and interesting natural beauty of this region. On the shore of El Temsah Lake, there's an oversized range of hotels and amusement centers provided with all the essential facilities and services that facilitate the guest in enjoying their time.

Youth Love Egypt foundation" organized a shutdown campaign to scrub the International youth house in beaches space dominating El-Temsah Lake, in partnership with the Scout Association in Ismailia and Travel secret cluster in preparation for the celebration of the planet life day on the third of March.

The eighty volunteers gathered fifty sacks of plastic waste together with luggage, bottles, and agricultural waste that cause beach pollution, which equals a large amount of waste, and was collected in sackcloth luggage. additionally to delivering AN awareness lecture to thirty collaborating kids, to unfold awareness to scale back the utilization of plastic materials.

Youth Love Egypt foundation is a non-governmental organization licensed to the UN for the surroundings, a partner of the city convention for the Mediterranean, and a full-of-life member of the African Alliance for Climate Justice and also the surroundings and official put concentration for Let's love world movement to be the representative of the International cleanup day in Egypt.

Clean Shores may be a campaign launched by Youth Love Egypt foundation last April to scale back the utilization of plastics in a geographic region to attain the goals of property development with the participation of establishments from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, an African nation,s, and countries, yet as a governorate in Egypt on the banks of the Nile River and also the sea and Mediterranean shores.


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