Ghoroud Samuel Fayoum

Ghoroud Samuel, at a distance of about 180 km from Cairo on the road southwest of Fayoum and on the outskirts of the Western Desert. Accordingly, Samuel's grouse is still the closest grotto area to the Nile Valley, and Cairo.

The area is one of the most diverse areas in the types of grooves and is also close to Cairo. This area is suitable for a one-day trip to car clubs (4×4 car). But not suitable for camping, is located in the Egyptian Western Desert (part of the Sahara Desert in North Africa), some parts of which are covered in groups (sand dunes) between lakes and mountains, With some rocks and penetrated by small rocky plateaus in some areas.

Ghoroud Samuel Road: Entrances to any area start with an exit point from a specific road that leads to a long or short path into the “playing” area in the heart of the clouds. Exit points are often called "trailheads".

In the case of Ghoroud Samuel, its northern entrance is from Wadi Al-Rayyan Road, which penetrates the Ghorod itself in its far north, which makes the play begin immediately after leaving the road on the heads of the pestles. This entrance also represents the shortest path ever from Cairo to the play area. Specific entrances must be adhered to, either Entrance 1, Entrance 2, or Entrance 3, as will be shown later, according to the level of the trip and the skills required in it. Entering from other than these entrances to reach the area of the high cloud will be a great difficulty due to the presence of low trees with roots that can puncture tires, and there are sabkhas that can stop cars and bury them. WARNING: Entering without evidence from clubs and leaders from good clubs may result in the loss of your vehicle or death. Please adhere to the rules of driving the 4x4 responsibly. 

Ghoroud Samuel area borders
From the North: The southern end of Wadi El Rayan Lower Lake and Wadi El Rayan Road, From the south: Mount Issis, From the east: It is bordered by Mount Qalamoun and the Monastery of Anba Samuel the Confessor in what is called Wadi Muwailih, From the west: it is bordered by Al-Manaqir Al-Qibli Mountain. Types of grouse: The type of "sword" is known (with sharp cutting) and appears in yellow color on the map, and the other is round (Dahr al-Hout) and is light brown in color. Both are called "longitudinal" and always run with the wind from the north (slanting to the west) to the south.
The type of "sand sea" (or as the complex is called) appears in green on the map and has mixed crests in length and width, dividing the field into a group of bays of different depths. A crescent moon appears in purple color on the map, as its horns always point to the south in the direction of its movement with the air.


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