Nadora Temple, Kharga Oasis

Nadora Temple is a temple dedicated to the goddess Nadora. It is located in the new valley of the Kharga Oasis, to the northeast. In 138 AD, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius or Hadrian, this temple was built. Other scenes depict musicians playing percussion instruments on the temple, which was primarily constructed as a dedication to god Amon.

Nadora Temple, Kharga Oasis,Egypt

The Temple of Nandora is the most important place, it is used to guard oases against ancient invasions on oasis residents. Situated in the northeast of Kharga Oasis in the New Valley in a high hill on the eastern side of the entrance to the city of the oasis and 2 km away the people of the oasis called it "Al-Nadoura", which means "Al-Nadhar".
It is a place for following the place around it because it is located on a high hill.
The temple was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius or Hadrian in 138 AD.
It was mainly built as a dedication to god Amon, we can see as the scenes were shown on the temple represents musicians playing on percussion instruments. 
It is an ancient place because it was used by commercial caravans coming from the oasis of Paris, it is used as a castle and place to get taxes from the commercial convoys because in this temple as there was a water spring.


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