Temple of Alexander the Great in Bahariya Oasis

The Temple of Alexander the Great, which is one of the most important temples found in the Bahariya Oasis, is the only one that was dedicated to Alexander. It was specifically dedicated to this Macedonian king, who represents an important period in the history of Egypt, and the temple is located in an area called Ain al-Tabniyeh, 5 km southwest of the city of Qasr in the Bahariya Oasis.

Temple of Alexander the Great in Bahariya Oasis

The temple was constructed during the 26th dynasty by Amasis for the worship of Amun Re and his associated deities. During one of the great leader expeditions to the Western Desert, he passed by the temple in this region, where not many of the original constructions still existed.

Alexander made offerings to the Egyptian gods worshipped in this temple to commemorate his passage while on his way to Siwa. One of the temple walls contains a magnificent sight that Alexander offers great gifts to the god Amun.

The temple was discovered by Egyptian archaeologists, but unfortunately, it was exposed to many natural factors that led to the destruction of most of the inscriptions and sculptures. However, there is a royal cartouch bearing the name of the Macedonian commander, at present attempts were made to restore it, and cracks were filled between the stone blocks.

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