Eel Garden Dahab

The Eel Garden in Dahab is one of the recently discovered areas, and it is one of the most terrifying and beautiful areas at the same time for diving enthusiasts, because the park is located under the water.

The Eel Garden is one of the tourist areas in Dahab. It was named after the garden as a result of the emergence of large groups of snakes such as tree branches and plants and their numbers are large. The sight of snakes in the sea may frighten some people, but they are completely safe, and most of those who visited this park agreed that they are harmless to humans. They were not even able to take memorial photos with these snakes because they enter their burrows if they feel any strange movement around them, so most of the pictures are Captured from long distances.
 And it feeds on microorganisms plankton, which spread in the water naturally and move with marine organisms or divers.

These Eels are a type of eel fish, numbering in the hundreds at the bottom of the Red Sea, and they live on a wide sandy slope extending on the coast, surrounded by diverse and colorful coral reefs and provide an amazing diving experience, especially for lovers of the beauty of the charming nature under the water. t Most species do not exceed 60 cm (24 in), and the largest species are about 120 cm (47 in) long. After diving along a jutting reef that lies perpendicular to the main reef the eels slowly come into view, waving to and fro in the current like synchronized swimmers who vanish back into the sand as you approach. Descend to about 20m where you will find a nearly flat section of the reef with coral boulders and several table corals. It is quite common to find a thick congregation of barracudas regularly patrolling the area. 


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