Hurgadah International Airport

Hurghada airport offers a VIP lounge. This is the service that must be booked in advance. The interior atmosphere of the lounge is light and cozy. Free snacks and international magazines are offered there.

Hurghadah International Airport

Hurghada is one of the most important cities in the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt. It is one of the country's main tourist centers located on the Red Sea coast. It was founded in the early 20th century, and until recently it was a small fishing village. But since the 1980s, Egyptian and foreign investors have continuously expanded to become the unique coastal resort on the Red Sea. Hotels and resorts provide water recreational ways to practice windsurfing, yachting, diving, and snorkeling.

El Quseir is one of the Egyptian gateways, and one of the oldest cities on the western coast of the Red Sea. In the events, it was understood by various names, such as "Thought" in the pharaonic era, Leucos Limen (white port in Greek) in the Hellenistic and Ptolemaic era, and Portus Albus in the Roman period. In the Islamic period, it was given the nickname El Quseir, which means"a small palace or fortress".

Quseir is positioned between Marsa Alam and Hurghada and is considered an essential port. Several travelers went to get ivory, leather, and fragrance. During the Islamic and Ottoman periods, Egyptians and Muslims from North Africa traveled from Qusayr as pilgrims to Mecca. It was also the only port that imported coffee from Yemen. During the French occupation of Egypt, Qusayr served as a point of arrival for Arabs and Muslims from the Hijaz to Egypt

In recent times, the traveler terminal at Hurghada Airport has been constantly rebuilt and developed, by developing and improving tourist services.

Passengers arriving at Hurghada Airport leave from the arrival zone in the left extension of the air terminal. International travelers pass through passport control and customs supervision. A permit to enter Egypt can be obtained directly in the destination area.

there are several cafes, restaurants, and fast food at the Sharm El Sheikh airport for those who need to take some food. Catering stations can be found in the air terminal and the customs zone as well. National and European dishes are served in the cafes and restaurants of the airport.

Money exchange is possible at the currency exchange offices and bank departments in the air terminal. There are also several 24-hour ATMs at the airport.

There are postal offices furnishing mailing and Internet access services at the Hurghada airport. There are also several payphones for international calls in the air terminal.

The Hurghada airport air terminal possesses the widest shopping facilities including a great product of souvenirs, jewelry and perfume shops, and newsstands. These are the places to spare time before take-off and to buy all the necessary things.

The exit customs space is famous for its duty-free shops offering local goods, foodstuffs, gifts, perfumes, tobacco, and alcohol.

The Hurghada airport arrival area offers the passengers a cloakroom for their luggage to be stored for some time.

At the same time within a five-minute drive from the airport, there is a great number of coastal hotels possessing various chambers and conference rooms equipped with all necessary facilities.

Hurghada airport offers a VIP lounge. This is the service to be reserved beforehand. The interior mood of the VIP lounge is light and cozy. Free snacks and international magazines are offered there.


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