Moses Mount in Sinai | Mountain of Moses

Mount Moses or Mount Tur Sinai is one of the most famous mountains in Sinai, as it rises 2,285 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by colorful mountains in multiple colors and is considered one of the most wonderful natural sceneries. Adventure lovers flock to it and climb mountains as it is the best place for mountain safaris.

Moses Mount

Mount Sinai is the place where, according to the Book of Exodus, Moses was called by God through the burning bush, and later he received the tablets of the 10 commandments.

In the south of the Sinai peninsula, about halfway between the two northern branches of the Red Sea, there is a mountain range with two peaks. In general, the location agrees with the biblical readings concerning Moses. A mountain is called Gebel Musa in Arabic, "Mount of Moses".

Mount of Moses in Sinai

It is therefore understandable why the name of Moses remained associated with this mountain, while Moses was at the top to receive the Law from God, the people acted foolishly. The Israelites pressured Moses' brother (Harun in Arabic) to make a god. Aaron said: “Remove the gold earrings and bring them to me." So they made a golden bull to worship him. This aroused the anger of the true God and led to the death of thousands of Israelites. ( Exodus 32: 1-35 ) But Aaron was shown mercy and was forgiven. Because he tried to keep his people in one community united until his brother Moses descends and deal with their stubbornness. He asked Moses to have mercy and not to pull him from his beard or his hair.

Moses Mount is a traditional visit during our amazing St. Catherine's Monastery Tours from Sharm El Sheikh as you will climb it and get your time to enjoy the view from above the mountain during the sunrise. Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery Tour is one of our most booked tours from Sharm El Sheikh to see the legendary Moses Mountain and follow the steps of Prophet Moses there during the spectacular sunrise from above the mountain.



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