Aromatherapy in Egypt

Aromatherapy was so closely linked to ancient Egyptian religion and, if we are lucky during your visit to the Egyptian Museum, we can smell the perfumes and oils of King Tut Ankh Amun that exist to this day.

Aromatherapy in Egypt

Egypt has great fame for making oils and  perfumes, especially aromatherapy, But there is a big gap between the Egyptian perfumes, oils, and the current perfumes that we know,  the real concept of liquid and perfumes ointment was different from what we found in King Tut Ankh Amun Tomb 

The Ancient Egyptians mixed the oils and perfumes with the religious culture which is were the first civilization to mix it which means the foul odors associated with uncleanliness and beautiful smell were associated with holiness.

Perfume in Ancient Egypt

which is that body care was the main requirement for all Egyptian men and women even at all level's  society plus they oiled their bodies as a daily routine and we have all the details in Ebers papyrus one of the earliest recorders It indicates that the Egyptian doctors have an accurate knowledge of all kinds of herbs and flowers  

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