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Medical Tourism in Egypt | Egypt Medical Tourism

  • 05 16, 2023

Egypt Medical Tourism
When we talk about Medical Tourism in Egypt, we have to know that it is defiantly one of the types of tourism that has internationally widespread. it is practiced by tourists heading to attractions that provide natural remedies based on natural resources such as mineral water springs, sulfur water baths, mud, and hot sand, and it is considered one of the tourist attractions in various countries of the world, but in the Arab world Egypt and Jordan top the list of countries that encourage medical tourism, and the goals behind their practice vary between recreation, relaxation, and entertainment.
This kind of tourism, Imean Medical tourism can likewise be defined as a special type of tourism aimed at obtaining care Medical or purely healthy to get rid of some pain and health problems under the influence of natural factors present in the environment.

Why do people get interested in Medical Tourism?
-    Tourists travel to various destinations to achieve healing, recreation, and leisure at the same time and make family members happy at the lowest costs.
-    Tourists also travel there because of the low treatment costs this way.
-    Tourists need to change the atmosphere in which some patients with mental conditions l, so medical tourism is considered the best treatment for them to entertain themselves.

Why Egypt is considered a hopeful destination for Medical Tourism?
Egypt is famous since ancient times for its curative tourism because of its eyes, rivers, and underground and mineral waters, and because of its soil which contains many materials for the treatment of many diseases, there are many sulfur springs in Egypt that contain many unique chemical minerals, like the Cleopatra Spring and Bir Wahid in Siwa Oasis, which exceed the proportion of all minerals Sulfur springs in the world, and a therapeutic mud is available around sulfur springs that help treat many bone diseases such as rheumatism, respiratory system, and skin diseases.
The most important places for medical tourism in Egypt:
Kharga Oasis
It is located 232 km south of Assiut (south of Cairo), it contains deep wells with various therapeutic benefits such as Bulaq wells and Nasser wells, which work to treat rheumatic diseases, chronic pain, skin diseases, kidney stones accompanied by renal colic, disorders of the digestive system and psoriasis

Bahariya Oasis
 It is a group of Egyptian oases located in the Western Desert 350 km southwest of Alexandria, where it belongs to the Giza Governorate and 370 km from Cairo, and the oval valley within which the oases are located extends from the northeast to the southwest with a length of 94 km and a width of 42 km With an area of approximately 2000 square kilometers, this valley is surrounded by mountains and many water springs. 
Gabal Dakrour ( Dakrour Mountain)
Dakrour mountain is located 3 km southeast of Siwa Oasis. This mountain is known for its healing climatic properties, especially for rheumatic patients, as it is famous for the healing properties of its hot sands since ancient times.
Aswan is distinguished from a therapeutic aspect in that its atmosphere is very suitable for patients with kidneys, respiratory system, and rheumatic diseases, and it has two centers for treatment by sand and water, and the method of treatment in the two centers are programs dedicated to burying in the hot sand in a studied scientific manner.

Siwa Oasis
Siwa Oasis forms a natural depression in ancient times due to natural erosion factors. It is about 18 meters below sea level, and the total depression area is about 1,000 km2. Sand dunes make up the largest proportion of its formation and the rest are from the depressions that formed some lakes due to the leakage of groundwater from the many flowing water springs between sulfur and fresh, whereas the presence of saline lakes is due to the saline nature of the rocks and depressions in which these lakes formed, and this is also because the whole region was the bottom of a great sea included most of the desert area in previous times, which is evident in the remnants of marine snails and fossil reefs in most of those surrounding areas.

Ras Sedr
Ras Sidr, is an Egyptian touristic town located in south Sinai Governorate on the Gulf of Suez on the coast of the Red Sea and follows the governorate of South Sinai, and the region has been known since the era of the ancient Egyptians, the Prophet Moses, Jesus Christ, the Greeks, and the Romans. Ras Sedr is characterized by pure sandy coasts, low in seaweed and sea salt, and its waters are calm.

Moses pool
Moses pool in Tor Sinai, a natural pool whose water flows from 5 eyes, the amount of water that comes out of the eye ranges from 20 cubic meters per day, and this sulfur water helps in healing many diseases and the temperature reaches 37 degrees Celsius, so it is considered an area. Moses pool, the green oasis inside the desert.
Egypt is characterized by many medical tourism places and low costs compared to other countries. Cairo Top Tours organizes trips for Medical Tourism in Egypt. Are you ready? Egypt in its history has never ceased to arouse emotion and the desire to discover the treasures that abounded in this pharaonic world.


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Natural therapies are provided based on natural resources such as a suitable climate, mineral water springs, sulfur water spas, mud, and hot sand. All of these factors combine to make Egypt a desirable destination for medical tourism, which is why it is also known as "Therapeutic Tourism" around the world.

Egypt has been renowned since antiquity for its mineral-rich soil, which can be used to treat diseases, and for locations like the Cleopatra Spring and Bir Wahid in the Siwa Oasis, which contain more sulfur than all other mineral springs combined.


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