Sands of Safaga

Safaga is the greatest spot in the world for psoriasis treatment and therapy; it is surrounded by steep mountains that act as a natural barrier against wind and sand storms.

Amazing reefs to explore, incredible kite and windsurfing conditions, endless beaches of black and gold sand dunes, a cultural day excursion to Mons Claudianus, where the relics of a Roman quarry lay, the tranquility and quiet of a new tourism destination... that is what Safaga is all about.

Port Safaga, formerly a little port town exporting its ample phosphate to the rest of the globe, has evolved into a significant tourist attraction on the Red Sea! And a world-renowned water-sports destination; it even held the Red Sea World Windsurfing Championships in 1993; kite and windsurfing at Safaga is truly unique! Safaga has a lovely climate all year, but the best months to come are undoubtedly February to June and September to November, when temperatures vary between 25 C and 30 C.

Divers will also be enticed to visit during the hotter months of summer, when water temperatures may reach 28 degrees Celsius. People go to Safaga from all over the world to enjoy the sun, sea, and thrilling water sports such as diving the Abu Kafan Reef, Panorama Reef, Ras Umm Hesiwa, and Sharm El-Naga, but many also come for the healing benefits of this paradisaical Red Sea location.

Indeed, the town's clean and healthful atmosphere, as well as the very saline waters of the Red Sea, make Safaga an ideal holiday location for anyone suffering from ailments such as psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. Safaga is believed to be one of the top places in the world for psoriasis treatment. Book a wellness vacation at the Menaville Resort & Spa in Safaga to experience the town's healing properties.

Black Sand

According to scientific studies, 40% of the sand in Safaga has three radioactive minerals: uranium, thorium, and potassium, which help heal psoriasis, joint discomfort, and skin irritation.The humidity is minimal, and the UV rays aid in the treatment of several disorders.

Why choose Safaga?

Safaga is the greatest destination in the world for the comprehensive cure of several incurable diseases due to its dry, mild environment and year-round sun.

• Patients with a history of heart, renal, or liver illness should avoid going to regions below sea level since it might be damaging to their health.

• The climate in Safaga is ideal for these individuals and is not harmful to their health.

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