Tomb of Siptah

To draw attention to this tomb, the ceiling drawings on the drawing, which smashed it

This tomb was uncovered by the two archaeologists "Davies and Ayrton" (The Tomb of Siptah, Davies, and Ayrton). It is located on the northern corridor leading to the tombs of “Tosret” and “Siti II”, and pictures of this pharaoh are seen next to the queen on the walls of the first corridors of the cemetery.

The priests mummified him in the tomb of Amenhotep II and buried her there, and she remained there until Professor Lore revealed this tomb of Amenhotep II.

It appears that the priests who placed him in the tomb of “Amenhotep” had rewritten the tughra of “Siptah”, and the inner chambers of his tomb had crumbled over time, and the visitor now can only see the first corridors, which are adorned with beautiful religious scenes.

The winged justice, and on the left a beautiful picture of the pharaoh “Siptah” addressing “Hor Makhet” the sun god, and after that, the images of the ordinary sun are seen passing between the two horizons, and near the bottom of the accessible part of the tomb is seen on the left a scene in which the mummy of the king or “Osiris” It is guarded by the two goddesses "Isis" and "Nephthys" and the god "Anoop", and above and below it are images of a jackal, the protector of the cemetery sitting at the gates of the underworld

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